So There’s a Guy Whose Real Name Is “Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings”

If your real, legal name is Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings, the good news is you’re named after two of the most badass country music artists to ever suck air. The bad news if your Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings is that you were just arrested in Carroll County, Georgia on burglary charges after your getaway car ran out of gas. Oh, and the cops found methamphetamine and a stolen 9mm Ruger in the car with you.

Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings (photo: Carroll County Sheriff’s Office)

According to the Times-Georgian—Carroll County’s trusted information leader since 1871—32-year-old Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings Scarborough of Villa Rica, GA was driving his PT Cruiser down the road Monday, 5/12 when it ran out of gas and was blocking traffic. Officers arrived and began to suspect something fishy when they saw a baggie in his car, and soon enough the gumshoes sniffed out that he was a suspect in the burglary of a weedeater from someone’s vehicle, and had meth and a stolen gun in his possession. Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings is also suspected in a string of other burgled vehicles, and turned out to be a convicted felon.

Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings was eventually booked on possession of methamphetamine, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and entering automobile with intent to commit theft.

“We think he may have broke into a few other vehicles, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet,” Capt. Jeff Richards of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said to the Times-Georgian. “We’re still investigating the case, so there could be more charges added.”

Sounds like the outlaw bit’s done got out of hand for one Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings. Hopefully he can get his life back together, and get back on the road again (arf arf).

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