Stacked List of Contributors for John Anderson Tribute Album

There are run-of-the-mill tribute albums, and then there’s this tribute album due out August 5th called Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson. What makes it remarkable is that a rather incredible list of contributors are coming together on an album to be released by Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound.

Tyler Childers, Jamey Johnson, Brent Cobb, Sierra Ferrell, Sturgill Simpson, and even the late John Prine will make an appearance, as will big mainstream names like Eric Church and Luke Combs, with the selection being produced by Dan Auerbach and David Ferguson—the same duo behind John Anderson’s well-received comeback record in 2020 called Years.

“Listening to everybody do their own takes on the songs shows how the songs really come through,” says Anderson. “And I thought to myself, ‘You might have been young and foolish back then, but you sure did pick some good songs. It’s very gratifying to know that some things really do not change, and a great country song remains a great country song. Any one person on the record would be a real tribute, but all of them together? It’s a pretty big deal for me personally.”

Now 67-years-old, the caramel-voiced country crooner might be a strong contender for the Country Music Hall of Fame in the coming years, and is definitely experiencing a career resurgence, especially with the renewed interest in 90’s country when Anderson released his Double Platinum signature album Seminole Wind.

John Anderson amassed a good handful of hits over the years, including some that will be represented on the tribute record such as “Straight Tequila Night” performed by Ashley McByde, and “Wild and Blue” performed by Brent Cobb. But there’s also more obscure tracks, and Sierra Ferrell performs “Years,” which was the big takeaway from John Anderson’s 2020 record. How nobody covered “Swingin'” is a good question, but it’s still a solid track list nonetheless.

“We weren’t trying to piddle around and make the normal tribute record,” says Dan Auerbach. “It had to be the best singers with the best songs and the best arrangements, and they had to come into the studio. This wasn’t like, ‘Mail me the song, and we’ll put it together.’ I think it makes this record unique. I don’t think most tribute records are done like this. I think that’s why it sounds like a cohesive album. It feels like an amazing mix tape.”


1. “1959” performed by John Prine
2. “Years” performed by Sierra Ferrell
3. “Wild and Blue” performed by Brent Cobb
4. “Low Dog Blues” performed by Nathaniel Rateliff
5. “Mississippi Moon” performed by Eric Church
6. “I Just Came Home to Count the Memories” performed by Gillian Welch & David Rawlings
7. “Shoot Low Sheriff!” performed by Tyler Childers
8. “Seminole Wind” performed by Luke Combs
9. “When It Comes to You” performed by Sturgill Simpson
10. “You Can’t Judge A Book (By The Cover)” performed by Brothers Osborne
11. “Would You Catch A Falling Star” performed by Del McCoury feat. Sierra Hull
12. “Straight Tequila Night” performed by Ashley McBryde
13. “I’m Just An Old Chunk of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be a Diamond Some Day)” performed by Jamey Johnson

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