“Stand With Hillary” Clinton Country Campaign Song is Hilarious


See, this is why politics and music don’t mix.

If you want to know what the rough equivalent is to the worst of mainstream country music in greater popular culture, political advertising would not be a bad choice for an analogous partner. They both are incredibly lacking in self-awareness, they both appeal to the least common denominator, they both assume an unintelligent audience, and they both are the scourge of their respective disciplines. What piety, and pandering to demographics they display. It really is about the worst media one can be exposed to.

hillary-country-1Now consider what would happen if you combined these two unfortunate phenomena together. What you get is the new song called “Stand With Hillary” released by the Stand With Hillary organization— a political super PAC that apparently has no affiliation with Hillary Clinton directly, but is really hot to trot to get her elected for an office she’s not even officially running for yet, and using really bad Bro-ish country music to help do it.

“Stand With Hillary” features a scruffy cowboy who can’t decided if he’s a dusty-booted farmer or a construction worker as he lip-syncs poorly to a studio track of hork-inducing political lyrics. Even better, the guy lip-syncing in the video isn’t even the singer, he’s an actor named Jason Tobias who’s also appeared in music videos for Chris Brown and Ariana Grande, once played Jesus, and is currently doing re-enactments for a television series about people who murder their relatives. Mr. Tobias claims to be apolitical, and says the producers chose him because he “looked like a country star” according to The Washington Post.

hillary-country-2The actual person who sang the song was someone only known as “T. Wilson,” while it was written by a media consultant named Miguel Orozco who helped start the Stand With Hillary PAC. And this is not the only pandering and culturally-profiling song/ad Orozco has created. In 2008, he released “Viva Obama” and “Obama Reggaetown.”

It only makes sense with the increased popularity of country music that political advertising would start to be specifically catered to the country demographic. And with a fake, fashion-plate singer, manufactured lyrics, an overproduced video, and rampant incidental comedy including Queen “We Will Rock You” interludes, it would fit right in on country radio.

And don’t you reactionary Hillary haters let yourselves off the hook too quickly. You know Republicans have been guilty of his same type of hokey garbage in the past, and they probably have their own videos in the works.

You’re welcome.

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