Statesboro Revue Release Surprise Single with Wade Bowen

Austin, TX-based country blues rock and roll band The Statesboro Revue have just released a surprise new single called “Sinner, Saint, S.O.B.,” and their first taste of music in nearly five years features appearances by up-and-coming Texas country singer and songwriter Mason Lively, and the great Wade Bowen. The band is pledging proceeds from the song to their fellow creators and side personnel in the music community.

“We had no intention of releasing this song yet but under the circumstances, with so many of my talented and hard working friends out of work due to COVID-19 (musicians, artists, crew, service industry, etc.) anything and everything must be done to help those in need,” says the band. “Let’s show the world that despite every one of us having a little Sinner, a little Saint, a little S.O.B. in us, we ALL care about each other and we’re all after one thing….happiness.”

Like a few bands in the Texas music scene, The Statesboro Revue is a brother-run operation. Singer and songwriter Stewart Mann is the frontman, with brother Garrett Mann manning the lead guitar. They have released three LPs since 2009, including their last effort Jukehouse Revival from 2015.

Statesboro likes to say they are “Re-defining rock and roll, refusing to let blues and country, the real roots of rock music, fall by the wayside,” and that’s certainly what you hear in “Sinner, Saint, S.O.B.” The song gives off serious vintage Black Crowes vibes, with Wade Bowen’s participation making the mood that much cooler.

The new song is not tied to any new album at the moment. But with a new song being released, they may have more up their sleeve, so stay tuned.

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