Stock Rising For Lucky Tubb & Joey Allcorn

Lucky Tubb

Like him or not, Hank Williams III has one of the most rabid and loyal fan bases out there, and that is why the opening act on a Hank III tour is such a coveted position. But landing it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

I remember back in ’07 when Jim Goad, author of the The Redneck Manifesto took a local band from Portland out on the road and opened for Hank III. I personally thought they did a pretty good job, but that opinion came from knowing Jim was a writer first, and that this was a secondary thing. But the reviews were mixed, with some complaining the music was “hokey,” and we have never heard from the Jim Goad music venture again.

Vice versa can be said for Lucky Tubb. I have yet to read a review that hasn’t praised his performances, and praised Lucky as a person. I’ve also seen nothing but high marks for his latest album DAMN THE LUCK. Because of this, you now see his name coming up much more, his music being played more. Lucky has been around and playing music for years, but it is exciting to see a brand new face busting out on the national scene playing TRUE country music. Fresh talent is a sign of a healthy movement; it makes you wonder who else is out there just waiting to be discovered. This also speaks once again to the importance and class act nature of Hank III.

If you missed Lucky Out on tour, here are some excellent videos that just popped up:

And with Hank III:

Joey Allcorn All Alone AgainAnother neo-traditionalist whose stock keeps rising is Joey Allcorn. Joey has a new album out, All Alone Again, and from what I have heard so far, his sophomore offering is just as solid as his first album 50 Years Too Late. I’ve got a fully copy waiting for me back at the hideout, and might have a review for you coming up soon. Joey will be on Outlaw Radio tomorrow (Tue. 7-20-09) at 9 PM Central. It can be heard LIVE on, and if you miss it you can listen or download the next day right here on on the Outlaw Radio Page.

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