Sturgill Simpson Drummer Miles Miller Announces Debut Album

You probably know him from being the drummer, bandleader, and harmony singer for Sturgill Simpson during Sturgill’s rise to fame. But if Miles Miller has his way, soon you’ll be regarding him as your new favorite country-flavored singer/songwriter. Miles Miller was also the drummer on those big Tyler Childers albums, as well as a member of the band Town Mountain. But on July 7th, 2023, he will release his debut album called Solid Gold via Thirty Tigers, and embark as a solo artist.

Though Miles is synonymous with Sturgill Simpson to many, he was actually discovered by early Sturgill Simpson producer Dave Cobb who saw Miller playing drum covers on YouTube in 2009 when Miller was just 16. Fast forward a few years and Cobb introduced Miles Miller to Sturgill after Sturg let his first band Sunday Valley go. As a more “in-the-pocket” player who could also contribute harmony vocals, Miles Miller was a perfect fit.

But this whole time, Miller was a guitar player as well. In fact, he calls it his first love. This is one of the reasons that he had an ear to mind the melody when playing drums. During the pandemic and Sturgill Simpson’s retirement (for now), Miles found the time and opportunity to pick the guitar back up, and start singing and writing again. The results are Solid Gold.

Miles cites singing drummer Levon Helm of The Band, Stanton Moore of Galactic, and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones as his drumming influences, and once told Gretsch drums, “Learn to play to songs, not just drum solos,” so this transition for Miles shouldn’t be entirely unexpected. It also feels necessary since Sturgill Simpson isn’t currently touring.

Miles Miller has been booked as one of the openers on the Tyler Childers “Send In The Hounds” tour, playing multiple dates in June. Miles is being managed by TMWRK, who also manages Sturgill Simpson and the Turnpike Troubadours.

Ahead of the release of the new album, Miles Miller has released the title track, solo written by Miller himself, and with Sturgill Simpson credited as the producer. It features Miller’s surprisingly soulful voice, and ample slide guitar.

Solid Gold is now available for pre-order.


1. Solid Gold
2. Don’t Give Away Love
3. Passed Midnight
4. A Feeling Called Lonesome
5. In A Daze
6. My Sanity
7. Highway Shoes
8. Where Daniel Stood
9. Even If
10. Seeing Clear
11. Always November
12. I Wish

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