Sturgill Simpson to Appear in Upcoming Film “Queen & Slim”

Sturgill Simpson’s incursion into the acting world continues after it was recently revealed he will be part of an upcoming film called “Queen & Slim.” Starring Daniel Kaluuya as “Slim” and Jodie Turner-Smith as “Queen,” the film was first announced in July of 2018 as a independent romance drama written by Lena Waithe (“Master of None” and “The Chi”), and directed by Melina Matsoukas, known for directing videos for Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Rhiannon among others.

The film is being distributed by Universal, and shooting occurred in January in Cleveland, including on St. Clair Ave. between Addison and E. 71st on Cleveland’s east side early last week. Streets were closed down for the filming, and cast and crew had to brave the recent polar vortex in the area to finish up the shoot. Sturgill Simpson has been named as part of the primary cast, though his specific role has yet to be revealed. Part of the cast does include a “singer-songwriter,” so perhaps this is the role Simpson will fulfill.

“Queen & Slim” is said to be about a couple that goes on a first date, and after being pulled over for a traffic stop, the situation turns deadly. The film is currently scheduled to be released on November 27th, 2019.

This is the second major acting role for Simpson. He also starred in the CBS All Access film “One Dollar.” The on-demand series is a mystery set in a small rust belt town in post-recession America, where a one-dollar bill changing hands connects a group of characters involved in a multiple murder. It debuted via CBS All Access on August 30th, 2018. Sturgill Simpson portrayed Ken Fry, who was let go from the local steel mill and makes his living as a small-time fence, holding a never-ending yard sale with items stolen from front yards and porches.

Simpson has also made numerous appearances on television, including in sketches with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, and has appeared twice on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest. He also played a small role in the independent movie Orca Park from 2011, and has made other cameos.

“Well, this is my mid-life crisis,” Sturgill Simpson sarcastically told late night host Seth Myers in September of 2018 while promoting his “One Dollar” role. Simpson has also said in numerous interviews that his latest record is finished, and hinted that it could be a double album. Don’t be surprised to hear something about new Sturgill Simpson music in the coming weeks.