Supergroup The Panhandlers Announce 2nd Album “Tough Country”

Well it wasn’t just a lark apparently, and competing egos ended up not getting in the way, because the Texas supergroup epicentered around Lubbock called The Panhandlers have announced they’re ready to release their second official album. Called Tough Country, it will be released on March 3rd.

Comprised of Cleto Cordero of Flatland Cavalry, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott of The Josh Abbott Band, and songwriter John Baumann, The Panhandlers are an uncanny amount of talent in one place that was able to meld together through a mutual appreciation of West Texas and great songwriting. The results were a very quality, and very country self-titled debut album in 2020 that was favored by many.

Approached at first as a cover songs project embodying the spirit of the Panhandle region that gave rise to artists like Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Terry Allen, and so many more, The Panhandlers morphed into an original recording and performing project during a songwriting session in Marfa, Texas.

The new album will include four songs released on the late 2022 EP West Texas is the Best Texas. But with a 14-song track list, you’re not getting short changed. Just like their debut, West Texas songwriter Charlie Stout also contributes to the writing, making him a de facto fifth member. Songwriter Erik Dylan also appears a couple of times in the track list.

Just like their first album, geography will play a major role in Tough Country. You can hear this in the album’s debut single “Valentine, for Valentines” featuring Kaitlin Butts. Being released to coincide with Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th, don’t forget gentlemen), it makes reference to a speck on the West Texas map between Van Horn and Marfa on Highway 90, not far from the wild Prada Marfa art installation.

Tough Country is being released by The Next Waltz. It is now available for pre-save.


1. Flat Land – (Charlie Stout)
2. Where Cotton Is King – (Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Cleto Cordero and John Baumann)
3. West Texas Is The Best Texas – (Josh Abbott, Charlie Stout, Cleto Cordero and John Baumann)
4. Midland Jamboree – (Josh Abbott, William Clark Green and Erik Dylan)
5. Tough Country – (Cleto Cordero and William Clark Green)
6. Moonlight in Marfa – (Cleto Cordero)
7. Lajitas – (John Baumann and Erik Dylan)
8. Valentine, For Valentines – (John Baumann)
9. Santa Fe – (Guy Clark and Erik Dylan)
10. The Chilton Song – (Josh Abbott, John Baumann, Cleto Cordero and William Clark Green:
11. The Last Gentleman in Southwest Texas – (John Baumann)
12. Last Hangover – (William Clark Green and Kyle Hutton)
13. The Corner Comedian – (Josh Abbott)
14. I-Got-Your-Back-Dog – (Cleto Cordero)

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