Tanya Tucker Hospitalized for 3rd Time in a Year

tanya-tuckerTanya Tucker has once again been forced to cancel tour dates and is recovering in the hospital after taking a fall that fractured a rib and a vertebrae in her back. While in the hospital in Texas, Tucker was also diagnosed with bronchitis. She is currently receiving breathing treatments for the bronchitis, and will also undergo physical therapy for the injuries due to the fall, but is not expected to need surgery.

The 58-year-old singer promises to reschedule tour dates missed in Kansas and Oklahoma due to the hospitalization, saying she’s “mad” about the fall and will make it up to fans. The canceled dates include Friday’s (1-13) appearance in Grant, Oklahoma at the Choctaw Event Center. That show has been rescheduled to May 6th.

The usually spry and spunky Tucker has suffered a number of health setbacks recently. On March 11th, 2016, Tucker had to cancel her appearance at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Tampa Bay after coming down with bronchitis so bad that it required hospitalization. Then in October, she was forced to postpone six tour dates after being diagnosed at a local clinic with pneumonia. Tucker was airlifted to Nashville to recover.

Tanya Tucker returned to touring, performing, and recording in 2015 after years out of the spotlight due to clinical depression after the death of her two parents, and a botched cosmetic procedure.

Tucker’s next scheduled appearance is on January 27th in Tampa, FL.