Taylor Swift Disses Country Radio

Taylor Swift not countryWhat, you thought I was kidding when I said Taylor Swift was now #1 in my crosshairs, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU? And them some criticized me when I wrote about how the Kanye/Taylor MTV Incident might have been staged, because the issue was “so yesterday.” And others worried that Saving Country Music was going to become some Kentucky-fried version of TMZ and stop focusing on the music. Please.

I will never bump a story about a REAL country music artist for a little pop country bashing, and sorry, but I don’t keep up with the attention deficit-addled winds of pop culture. I said I would be on Taylor like a duck on a June bug, and I meant it.

That is why I want to bring your attention to a story by Nashville Gab. Taylor Swift is NOT COUNTRY, and possibly she and her management behind closed doors feel the same way, because while she has been granting live interviews with local pop radio stations, she has been sending the country stations pre-canned audio tracks they are supposed to use to STAGE live interviews. Check this out from the Gab:

“I got an email today from a DJ who wanted to remain anonymous (probably a smart move) but was more than a little angry. It was a pretty long email, but the gist was that this DJ’s country station was being offered a prerecorded interview with Taylor, while the local pop station is getting a live interview with the teen star. Now prerecorded doesn’t sound real bad unless you consider the fact that the DJ(s) wouldn’t actually get to talk with Taylor, her peeps would send Taylor answering questions and the DJs would pretend they were talking to Taylor.

This is part of the email Nashville Gab was sent by the DJ:

“The local POP STATION Has been promoting their BIG TAYLOR SWIFT INTERVIEW FOR A FULL 36 hours–thats right POP station. WE –THE COUNTRY STATION are being sent a RECORDED INTERVIEW we can make our own–Ya know we ask the questions and play her recorded responses. ALL THE WHILE THE POP STATION GETS HER LIVE.”,

See a pattern here? And like Nashville Gab points out, Taylor was just nominated for four CMA’s (where Taylor was STAGED in a video watching the announcements), and unlike the MTV awards and such, the CMA was actually formed to help promote and support local country radio stations, and country radio is an integral part of that organization, and helps pick the nominees.

That is while I will not stop until the world knows:

Taylor Swift not country

Taylor Swift not country

Taylor Swift not country

Taylor Swift not country

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