Texas Music Artists & Venues Band Together For Benefits Statewide & Beyond


The United States is currently in a desperate pattern where the seems we are being sent see-sawing from one calamity to another, throwing everyday life into complete upheaval and fraying our heartstrings. Before we’re allowed to catch our breath and lick our wounds from one catastrophe, another arises in brutal, unmerciless form to where we now have compiled calamities all clamoring for our love, attention, and dwindling charitable dollars at once.

Way back in late August when Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas coast, everyone in America was inspired to do whatever the could to help out. Now after Irma, Maria, and now the massacre in Las Vegas, Harvey is almost an afterthought. Though hundreds of millions of dollars have already been raised from small-time local benefits to national telethons, so much more is needed to put the coastal Texas area back on its feet. The economic impact on the area is estimated at the moment to be somewhere between $70 to $200 billion, with a majority of that burden being shouldered by uninsured homeowners. Though the outpouring and contributions have been incredible, they are a drop in the bucket for what it will take to repair the lives, businesses, communities, and families.

In the days after the Hurricane Harvey disaster, Bucky Bachmeyer of Big Red Drum Entertainment, with help from the Texas Music Office, began planning a way for the Texas music community to do their part to help their friends, family, and neighbors. Instead of focusing on one big show, the idea was to have many shows all across Texas and beyond in a statewide effort to help make Texas whole again.

Called Texas Music Flood, and benefiting rebuildtexas.org, a multitude of events are set to transpire all across Texas and beyond on Sunday, October 8th, with many other events scheduled for the next Sunday, October 15th. The lineups for many of these events are impressive showcases of music, and represent a cross section of the who’s who in Texas Music/Red Dirt. Some Texas Music Flood events have already occurred, like the showcase Houston songwriter Libby Koch organized as part of AmericanaFest in mid September at Bobby’s Idle Hour on Music Row.

Some events will be outside the borders of the Lone Star State, including an incredible lineup at the Chicken Shop in London, England that will see Casey Donahew, Austin Allsup, Grady Spencer, and others perform. There is also an event in Arizona being organized by Country Music Chat at the Outlaw Saloon. Some events that were already scheduled for October 8th have been converted to benefits, including the Texas Craft Beer & Music Fest at Gruene Hall that includes performances by Bruce Robison, Jamie Lin Wilson, The Statesboro Revue, and Uncle Lucius. And this is just the start. Overall, there are 30 events that will be part of the Texas Music Flood effort.

“I’m so proud of Texas Music Flood and what it’s grown to represent,” says Bucky Bachmeyer of Big Red Drum. “People want to help. Many have gone above and beyond. Venues that are participating should be noted. They are truly providing a means for us to make this thing happen. The artists that are playing should be commended. They are selflessly giving their time and energy and mileage to help. The behind-the-scenes staff and organizers deserve a big hug. Details are changing by the minute. Posters are being amended as details change by the minute. And enough can’t be said about the Texas Music Office. The entire office has provided unwavering support.”

There are also other events whose lineups and details are still being finalized, and even though the majority of the events will happen on October 8th and 15th, there are additional events that could stretch into November as artists and organizers look to do what they can for the cause.

“Through organizations like Texas Music Flood and Rebuild Texas the music industry will affect meaningful change for those affected by this disaster,” says the Director of the Texas Music Office, Brendon Anthony.

To see the list of all of the events, visit TexasMusicFlood.org, and for updates, stay in touch with the Texas Music Flood Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.