The All New

Check out the new re-designed site!

Bookmark it, subscribe to the RSS. Generally worship it and frequent it habitually until you need it in your life so bad you think you will die without it.

And then pass the sickness to your friends! Tell ’em all!

Just some quick things about the site, for those of you that give a dern:

1. If you signed up for the old site, you might have to sign up again, but it is very easy. You just have to put in your name and an email I think, and you’re done. Don’t worry it doesn’t put you on some bullshit email or anything like that, it just allows you to comment on the posts, WHICH I ENCOURAGE.

2. There will probably be more posts, but a lot of the posts will be shorter than they have been in the past.

3. I will ALWAYS have a presence on MySpace, and will copy the blogs there when I can, but I have a lot of big plans with special media for this site, embedded audio and such that MySpace just won’t allow. So to get the most out of your fix, the best place to read and comment is on

4. If there is something that you want me to cover in a post always feel free to email, but I also am now open for people to make guest posts! So if there is something YOU want to write about, a review of a concert, pictures and video you took, you can become a correspondent! We’re trying to build strong grass roots here to support the underground music movement, and the more voices the better! You’re a band or an artist with something to promote? Do it!

5. An easy way to help support the site is by using the portal to do all of your online shopping. For everything you buy, Amazon sends the site a little (and I mean little, like 4%) of what you spend, and it doesn’t cost anymore than it would normally. It is just a stupid way for me to help recoup some of my costs. I know some people hate Amazon and that is fine. Hell, if you want to send me a check I’ll take it, and I promise ALL proceeds go back into the site.

6. More features are coming! This is just the start!

Lastly I want to thank a dude none of you know named Dave Hampton that is helping me with a lot of the technical stuff. He did a TON of work transferring all the files, getting all the sponsor links up, and working out the bugs, and is being paid solely in PBR.

Thanks again to ALL of my readers, you people are great. Everyone of you. You’re a goddamn family to me. Like Bob Wayne says in the song Rode Bound “All my friends are family. My family is my life.” All of your comments and encouragement keep me going, and even you silent readers, I know your out there and I appreciate you as well.

PS: Yes I got a blog about Hank III in Portland coming up. Patience grasshopper.