The Band Perry Delays Release of New Album “Heart + Beat” After Sluggish Single


After the flop of The Band Perry’s debut single “Live Forever” from their new album Heart + Beat, the family trio signed to Republic Nashville has delayed the release of the new album until 2016. Heart +Beat was originally scheduled to be released on November 20th, but the band has decided to re-rack, and is touting a new collaboration in the works with a big-named artist as the impetus for the delay.

The “Live Forever” single was supposed to launch a new era for the siblings as a pop band in the country space. The song was a collaboration with pop producer RedOne and two other pop songwriters complete with a huge marketing rollout that included custom-made logos and the color yellow predominantly displayed. However the public was not impressed and the most the song could muster was a brief showing at #27 on the Country Airplay chart before quickly plummeting out of the Top 50.

“Well we actually had a date chosen, and then we had a very exciting collaboration that just happened,” Kimberly Perry said in an interview with News4Jax on November 2nd. “So we kind of got this last jolt of creative energy, so we feel like we’re going to push it back a little bit further to early 2016.”

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Rumors have The Band Perry collaborating on a new single with a big pop star who could hopefully help bring the attention the band needs before releasing the new record. As it stood, the concern was Heart + Beat could come in dead on arrival at a time the band is attempting to take a step to the next level, especially in the live setting.

“We’re pop tarts at heart,” Kimberly said. “We love all styles of music. And with the new album we made . . . we really wrapped in a lot of our love for pop music, and kind of where that cross pollinates with what we love.”


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