The Electric Horseman (and some JMC stuff)

I’m going to address this JMC thing real quickly, but I’m not going to linger on it. I started this thing to help out Hank III, Hank Sr., and all the great underground country music artists out there, and I’m not going to be derailed by anyone or anything.

Just so you know, Sugar, a great member of this thing got hit by him, and then he decided to take on The Hank III Coalition of all people. That’s one ant hill I wouldn’t go pissin’ in.

I could sit here and talk shit about this dude, and man am I tempted, but really that ain’t going to do anybody any good. I’ve been getting friend requests from his cronies all day, trying to slip by me. Good try people, but you must think I’m higher than a Georgia pine. My blog also got 250 hits in one hour this morning. Clearly someone had linked to it, so I know you people are reading this.

Hi JMC. Hi JMC friends.

Please if you’ve received something threatening or find another JMC site, please forward it to Cathy . AND WE ALL GOT CATHY’S BACK !!!!!!!!

But I’m not going to talk shit. This shit is so 16-year-old high school girly girl it’s laughable, and sickening, and I refuse to participate. I’ll do what I can to make sure that he doesn’t cause any more trouble, but I’m not breaking stride on the causes I believe in just because of this guy’s negative actions.

All I have to say to JMC at this point is that I hope you find the help that you need. I hope you understand that you are digging a hole for yourself, and with each negative action you take it just gets deeper. And as for JMC’s ‘friends’, if you are real friends, then you would try to work with him and get him the help he needs. I hope JMC can find the error in his ways because his actions are just going to bring him more pain.

JMC, life’s too short man. Lay down your anger, or at least redirect it in a healthier direction. Believe it or not, I feel sympathy for you right now, because I’ve been there man, and I know how anger can eat you away. That’s why I find things like this to help redirect my anger and energy into more productive causes. Do yourself a favor man, and you’ll be doing us all a favor.

And erase any silly notions that you are going to ‘take anybody down.’ We are not all MySpace friends here, we are REAL friends, more like brothers and sisters, and the more you struggle and fight, the more it will take you down, like Chinese finger cuffs.

Now, onto what I wanted to write about today.

Outlaw Country Movies

So when I’m all riled up and need to laugh a little, I hit YouTube. And man, have I been hitting on YouTube like a duck on a June bug lately, and i found this stuff yesterday:

One cool thing about the first Outlaw Country movement of the 70’s was that it found it’s way onto the silver screen. Willie Nelson was the main dude, but Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings also made appearances. I’ve never seen the two BIG Outlaw Country movies, The Honeysuckle Rose, and The Red Headed Stranger , but I’m hoping to get my grubby little hands on copies here soon.

But I have seen Electric Horseman from 1979. It stared Robert Redford, and it was Willie Nelson’s first movie, and he did most of the soundtrack. Waylon was also in it. And the plot has a lot to do with pop country nowadays, and Outlaw Country back then. Redford played an ex-rodeo dude that completely ‘sold out’ and started pitching breakfast cereal as the ‘Electric Horseman.’ Then one day they he finds out they’ve been fucking with his horse. You don’t fuck with a man’s horse.

So he loses it, and sees the errors in his ways. When he’s in Sin City about to do a show he loses his shit. Check it:

Death before DISCO !!!!

So at some point he hooks up with Hanoi Jane, and is running from the cops. That sets up the GREATEST CHASE SCENE OF ALL TIME, on the back of a horse!!!

Awesome. My favoire part is when the Po Po end up on top of each other.

Let me know if you know of any other Outlaw Country movies cause I want to watch em up.

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