The Free Uriah & Quentin Compilation

The Goddamn GallowsOn July 12th, two members of the roots induced band The Goddamn Gallows were arraigned on sexual assault charges that fellow band mates, friends, and others at the party goers where the supposed offense occurred say are completely false. Drummer Uriah Baker aka “Baby Genius” and merch man Quentin Price have been in jail ever since. Bond was set at an unattainable $300,000 for both men, who both have prior offenses. Quentin Price also had a outstanding warrant in California. You can read more about the story HERE, or watch TV coverage.

Band mates, friends, and fans are fervently trying to raise money for their defense. Donations are being accepted at Also a defense fund compilation CD has been put together by Farmageddon Records, that can be obtained by a $20 donation at

Baker’s and Price’s next court date is July 27. To stay up to date with this story, you can follow it on Facebook at Free Uriah & Quentin, or also on the Saving Country Music message board HERE.

Track list for the compilation:

#1. Black Eyed Vermillion – Helping Hand
#2. Graham Lindsey – Emma Rumble
#3. Highlonesome – The Rain Is A Fallin’
#4. Jayke Orvis – West Wind
#5. J.B. Beverley & The Wayward Drifters – Lonely Road
#6. Owen Mays – Keep The Jackals At Bay
#7. The Calamity Cubes – Eternal Fall
#8. Dog Bite Harris – Tales From The Road
#9. The Perreze Farm – Funeral Home
#10. Those Poor Bastards – Judgment Is Coming
#11. Slackeye Slim – I Wanna Be Your Zombie
#12. Viva Le Vox – Wayward Ones
#13. .357 String Band – Ride Again
#14. All Bets On Death – All My Hero’s Are In Hell
#15. Joe Buckyourself – Devil Is On His Way
#16. ANTiSEEN – White Trash Bitch
#17. The Motherfuck’n Saints – What’s It Meant To You
#18. Sawyer Family – New England
#19. King Sickabilly – Song’s For The Lost
#20. Al & The Black Cat’s – Follow Me
#21. The Strikers – Dark City
#22. The Othermen – Everybody Do A Dance
#23. The Arkhams – Bad Luck
#24. The Soul Reapin’ 3 – Drag You Down
#25. The Goddamn Gallows – In League With Satan (Baby G Vocals)
#26. James Hunnicutt – In Full It Shall Be Paid