The Grand Ole Opry’s Phone Number is 1-800-733-6779

The phone number to the Grand Ole Opry is 1-800-733-6779, and the local number is 615-871-6779.

Please call them and tell them you want to know why Hank Williams Sr. has not been reinstated, even though it was their plan to reinstate him before he died. Then call them again. And then call them the next day. Call as many times as you have time for.



It’s not that I have ANY love for the Opry or some problem with cussing in general, it’s just that being nice will be the most effective way to communicate with these people. Call them up and tell them you are a fan of Hank Williams Sr. Tell them you have a lot of respect for the INSTITUTION of the Grand Ole Opry, and don’t understand why Hank Williams has not been reinstated as was the plan before he died.

When they tell you “We do not reinstate dead people,” or “there are no dead members of the Opry,” simply ask “Why not?” or tell them “Well maybe now is a good time to start,” or better yet say, “But you were planning to reinstate him before he died anyway. Why not honor the wishes of a dying man and his family, even if it’s posthumously. And then if what your saying is you remove all Opry members when they die, then fine. But still, reinstate him, and you could even make a big deal out of it. Have a concert commemorating the event. Sell a CD and DVD with Hank Sr.’s Opry performances. It could be great for publicity.”

But whatever you say, please be respectful. Not for the assholes running the Opry nowadays, but for the INSTITUTION. Respect for the institution is why Hank III changed the lyrics to his song when he played there. Respect is why Joe Buck wore a cowboy hat over his mohawk, and why when Hank III plays country he pulls his hair back. It’s not because they’re trying to be pretty or pop country. It’s out of respect for their predecessors and the great institutions of country music.


You probably won’t get him on the phone, but you might, and this is the dude we want to target.

Pete Fisher is the one trying to get all the ‘gray hairs off the stage.’

Ask to leave a message for him if you can.

But please, don’t terrorize some poor operator that just answers the phones. Think about it. A lot of the secretaries are not going to give two shits about the Opry or even know what the hell goes on there. They just carry their lunch pail in every day to pull a check and go home. The people we want to reach are the decision makers and management; the people who actually have a say so. And if or when you do so, talk to them. Try to rationalize with them.

The sheer volume of people will be what brings to their knees. Not foul mouths and anger venting.


Please respect the wishes of the Reinstate Hank people. Though I try to throw my weight behind the Reinstate Hank campaign whenever I can, that is not my operation and there are other people in charge over there. The main reason I am posting this is in hopes that if people are going to call, then they abide by the Reinstate Hank campaign’s wishes to keep the language clean, and keep the manner respectful.

Hopefully in the next few days I will post a blog on my ideas and opinions about the best way to move forward with the Reinstate Hank campaign, but make no mistake people, this situation is much different then Free Hank III. At some point Hank Williams Sr. WILL be reinstated, there’s no doubt in my mind. But we also have to be realistic that it might take a lot of work and a long time.

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