The Mavericks Ready Spanish Language Album ‘En Español’

It’s the fashionable thing to point out country music’s lack of diversity at the moment, and though it’s true the genre still has room for improvement, folks often overlook the inclusion of The Mavericks who’ve been working within the country music community for now over 30 years. Frontman and songwriter Raul Malo is one of the most revered singers in not just country, but in all of modern music. And the band’s injection of Latin influences have given country music some much needed spice, and emphasized important sounds integral to country music’s Hispanic influences.

Bringing their flair for Cubano and Tejano textures to music that still fits well with country sensibilities and style, country music has welcomed The Mavericks with open arms, awarding them multiple CMA and ACM trophies in their heyday of the 90’s. But up until now, aside from a song here or a song there, The Mavericks have entertained mostly in the English language. That is what will make their upcoming album En Español unique not just for the Mavericks, but a rarity for the greater country music community.

Produced by Malo and longtime collaborator Niko Bolas, En Español will be released on the band’s own label Mono Mundo Recordings on August 21st, supported by Thirty Tigers. It includes both new originals, and classic Spanish compositions.

“This is the record I’ve been wanting the Mavericks to make for a very long time,” says Raul Malo. “I’m a first-generation Cuban-American, and some of these songs are songs my family would play and sing on weekends at family parties and get-togethers. But it’s not all nostalgia either. There are plenty of new original songs that put this record squarely in the moment for us.”

Of course joining Raul Malo will be the rest of The Mavericks nucleus, guitarist Eddie Perez, keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden, drummer Paul Deakin, along with their auxiliary players “The Fantastic Five.” Also joining The Mavericks will be Grammy-winning keyboardist and arranger Alberto Salas and Tejano accordion legend Flaco Jiménez.

Ahead of the album The Mavericks have released a new song called “Poder Vivir.” The artwork is also worth noting, drawing from multiple influences similar to The Mavericks themselves. It was done by Denver’s Dolan Geiman.

En Español out August 21st is now available for pre-order.

Track List:

1. La Sitiera
2. Recuerdos
3. No Vale la Pena
4. Poder Vivir
5. Sombras Nada Más
6. Mujer
7. Me Olvidé de Vivir
8. Pensando en Ti
9. Sabor a Mí
10. Suspiro Azul
11. Cuando me Enamoro
12. Me Voy a Pinar del Río

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