The Media’s Obsession with Jason Aldean’s Wife’s Instagram Posts

Jason Aldean’s wife’s Instagram account has about as much to do with country music as Dog The Bounty Hunter, which is absolutely positively nothing, despite country media’s strange and lingering obsession with these subject matters. And now for the second time, blue-checked media types have worked themselves up into such a frothing tizzy in their tightly-woven echo chambers on Twitter that what Jason Aldean’s wife has the audacity to post on her Instagram is so existential, reporting on the matter has been deemed absolutely essential.

People have lost their minds over this issue so completely, for the second time now, Saving Country Music is being outright attacked and called out specifically for staying silent on this supposed egregious matter. There are people who will never read this site again because of the cowardice and hypocrisy I’ve displayed by staying on the sidelines of this extremely serious moment in country music history—that being what the wife of a lame pop country star is posting about. On Instagram.

Excuse me if I try to think as little as possible about Jason Aldean, or his wife, or her Instagram account, let alone interact with it. And there is no love lost between myself, and the Jason Aldean camp, or his wife specifically. I was high and tight in Jason Aldean’s grill when he got caught cheating on his previous wife with then Brittany Kerr in L.A. when they both professed it wasn’t what it looked like (even though they eventually got married). I was even willing to take flack for veering too deep into the gossip side of country to make a more important and underlying point about how pop country stars are deceptively marketed.

Yours truly was also the one that lit the spark behind the story of Jason Aldean wearing blackface for Halloween on 2015 that ultimately went viral.

As far as I am concerned, the absolute last thing you should be consuming is whatever Brittany Aldean is saying or selling on her damn Instagram account. My advice? Don’t go fishing in those foul waters. That’s my opinion. In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to limit your social media exposure entirely.

But without hyperbole, I will hold up my right hand and solemnly swear to take up arms for the right of Brittany Aldean or anyone else to post or say whatever stupid, worthless shit they want via social media or any other outlet. What I find even more offensive is that some are trying to cut her lips off, either through making such a stink that her social media activity is limited by the thought police that now run Big Tech, or through sensationalized bullying that attempts to soft censor anyone from sharing opinions, often perpetrated by people who are so diseased that they can become incensed by the Instagram account of the wife of a country star.

The controversy this time appears to be that Brittany Aldean is posting photos of her kids in anti-Biden attire. Do I specifically agree with these opinions or platforms? Not really. But guess what ladies and gentlemen, this is called Brittany Aldean asserting her 1st Amendment rights. And all attempting to stifle her will do is draw greater attention to it (which it has), and embolden her and her supporters to speak out and dig in even more (which they will). This is the inevitability of attempting to fight these culture war issues.

Seeing people speak out against our current President is the symptom of a healthy democracy, just as it was when people spoke out against the previous President. Attempting or succeeding in suppressing such speech is a symptom of a failing democracy. And by the way, is claiming to be “anti-Biden” really that outside of mainstream thought? Most of the folks I know on the left think Biden is a linguini-spined and centrist Corporatist with failing faculties. His approval is less than 50%. Being anti-Biden isn’t really an “extremist” view.

Nonetheless, this week Rolling Stone posted an article with the title “Jason Aldean Announces New Album, Wife Promotes Anti-Biden Clothing Line,” breathlessly denouncing Brittany Aldean’s scandalous social media behavior. Talk about a non-sequitur. You got to love how many of these outlets won’t saying anything negative about anyone’s music virtually ever. But if their political views don’t fit theirs, it’s open season.

Then of course Fox News and other right-leaning outlets get in on the fracas, feverishly coming to the defense and promoting Brittany Aldean’s Instagram posts, as if they’re in any way newsworthy. And ultimately, all this cycle is doing is drawing an extreme amount of attention to this one Instagram account actively trying to promote a clothing line. Controversy is exactly what Brittany Aldean and the clothing manufacturer wanted. And both sides played ball perfectly while being so incensed and mired in their own reality tunnels, they couldn’t see how they were unwitting pawns in a money making scheme. It’s the Streisand effect in full force. Brittany Aldean just monetized your anger.

But the deeper question is why were so many critics in country music media so incensed with this issue in the first place? The answer is because so many of the people who are currently set up as “journalists” in country music today are nothing more than political apparatchiks and operatives who have embedded themselves within the country community with the express purpose of attempting to politically realign rural America. Most don’t give a shit about actual country music. They were indoctrinated as foot soldiers in college, and now it’s just an avenue to enact social change.

The way they hope to accomplish this is by getting country stars to speak out in favor of certain political causes. So when these artists (or apparently, their spouses as well) actually speak out in favor of the polar opposite viewpoints than these politically-motivated media members hold, it’s a harrowing, “all hands on deck,” red alert moment. Jason Aldean’s wife’s Instagram account must be denounced! We saw this same hyper-overreaction when Carrie Underwood had the audacity to like a tweet.

Look, everyone has the right to a political opinion, and to share it if they wish. It’s the underhanded, and slanted way in which they attempt to report on country music to push an agenda that is problematic, just as it would be if it was happening from the right, which it most certainly was in previous eras (see: Dixie Chicks). But the Dixie Chicks example is a perfect one to illustrate why this effort by some to realign rural America has been, and will continue to be, completely ineffective.

As country fans have proven over and over again, they will disassociate with their favorite country artists for their political beliefs way before they will disassociate with their political beliefs to please their favorite country artists. This media strategy of reshaping the American electorate through the medium of country music has long been proven to be ineffective, and only broadens the culture war into the music space that is supposed to be reserved for both sides to come together and enjoy.

These operatives are also doing everything they can to paint the entirety of country music as racist, bigoted, et al. And in the vacuum of any significant evidence this is the case in the modern context (and plenty of counterpoints undermining this opinion as well), they resort to things as immaterial as the Instagram account of the wife of a performer to stake these claims on. That is why they continue to obsessively focus on Brittany Aldean well beyond any sway she holds in the country music genre—her standing as a model (or whatever she does) notwithstanding. Though I have to say, with each new attack, Brittany Aldean’s standing and name recognition only continues to increase. Similar to Morgan Wallen, the media is making her a hero, and a martyr.

And yes, there is a lot of flaming hypocrisy from folks who yell at Jason Isbell and Maren Morris to “shut up and sing!” that are now coming to Brittany Aldean’s defense. But there’s just as much hypocrisy from the folks that have said over and over that country stars must speak out politically. Well guess what, as I warned you, when they actually do speak out, they may not espouse the things you hope they will.

But moreover, who really gives a flying shit? Go listen to some music you enjoy. I’m currently spinning the new Shelby Lee Lowe record that’s pretty badass. Look, it’s sunny outside (maybe)! Go out and smell the roses. Screw all this dumb shit. Life’s way too short man. Jason Aldean’s wife’s Instagram account? This is what you’re going to spend the finite time you have on this planet worrying about? The joke’s on her for buying into the systemic bifurcation of American culture. Don’t let the joke be on you too.

…I do hope that Dog The Bounty Hunter guy catches that dude that killed Gabby Petito though.

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