Garth Brooks Finally Coming to iTunes – Updated

garth-brooks-hall-of-fameUPDATE: In the sober light of Tuesday morning, it has been discovered that Electric Barnyard’s Garth Brooks interview, despite not being conducted on the traditionally-recognized April Fools Day on April 1st, was an ill-begotten morning show ruse. You can listen to the audio below to decide how funny you deem the pre-April Fools, April Fools prank.

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The greatest-selling country music artist of all time, and one of the very last artists to resist releasing his music digitally, is finally succumbing to the digital music revolution. Garth Brooks, announced today on the Electric Barnyard show of Country 92.5 in Connecticut, says his albums are coming to iTunes Tuesday, April 1st, including your ability to purchase individual songs. For excited Garth Brooks fans, hopefully this is no April Fools joke.

Garth Brooks has become famous as one of the final holdouts to the music downloading and streaming revolution. Just in January, Garth reiterated why his philosophical differences with iTunes kept him from contemporizing his music catalog. “Right now there are a lot of hurdles to climb, one of which is digital,” Garth said. “We don’t have a digital partner right now. I’ll never have a digital partner in iTunes as long as they keep the same rules they have now. I respect them; they’re friends of mine. They show me respect. They make me believe they’re friends of mine. But if they’re not going to change their ways, I’m not going to change mine. We have to figure out how we get new music to the people.”

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Garth has recently been gearing up for a return, moving to Nashville, getting ready for a world tour, and wanting to make music that he says will be, at a level I’ve never seen before.

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