The New Saving Country Music Calendar!

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s here @

The idea behind this calendar is to try and further connect the underground country community. What you can find on the calendar is:

  • Podcast/radio show times and locations
  • Concert dates from core bands
  • Album release dates and other special dates
  • Important dates in country music history

PLEASE NOTE: I’m still entering dates. Don’t panic if you don’t see your favorite band/etc yet. Suggestions are always appreciated, so if something’s still missing after a few days, hit me up though MySpace/Facebook under the new ‘Links’ button (

The calendar is still in the test phase, and YOU are the guinea pig. If the idea works, then I might regionalize it so that you can see only the concert dates and events near you if you choose. Since it’s done through Google, if you have a Google account you can subscribe to it, search through events, add alerts, etc. It also gives one touch access to maps of venues, and makes all these events searchable through Google, giving the concerts and podcasts more exposure.

Please understand there has to be a line somewhere on what bands/podcasts/events to calendar covers, and that line is determined by me, The Triggerman, Benevolent Dictator of Though I will listen to suggestions. But if there is something you feel is not being covered adequately that is what THE FORUM is for, and just like The Forum, this calendar will need energy and attention if it is going to survive.

Get to know the calendar. Fumble with the buttons. BE the calender. Make love to it if you must. I personally prefer the ‘agenda’ to the calendar view. Once you get the hang, it’s pretty intuitive.

Managing this calendar involves a HUGE time commitment. I want to manage it until it gets going in the right direction, but if some brave soul has a desire to spend HOURS of time inputting dates each month and wants to volunteer as the official calendar person, hit me up.

And since this looks like a good opportunity to whore myself, let me point out that this website does not run itself. The articles don’t write themselves, and the dates on the calendar don’t automatically generate. So any help you can give is ALWAYS appreciated.

The BEST way to help is to simply spread the word about what we’re trying to do, leave comments on the articles, spread the word through Myspace/Facebook/etc. But if you got a few spare bucks, throw them at the Donate Button located in the far right column of the page. Another way is use the link for online shopping. It costs you nothing more, but a little kickback goes back to the site. It’s always best to buy from artists direct or through local stores, but when this is not possible, THIS is a way to still help support REAL music.

Thanks again for everyone for reading and all the support over the years. Onward and upwards!

–Triggerman out.