The Place to Be Wednesday Nights

Lately I’ve been bitching that since the death of MySpace the REAL country tribe has been scattered so to speak. We used to all be on the same page, communication was not an issue, and we felt like one big family, dysfunctional as it might have been. Well there’s still one place where we can all come together and recapture that magic, and that is Wednesday nights on the podcast network Scrub Radio. Staring at 8 PM Eastern, the music starts rolling, and the live chat room fills up with the same faces you see around here in the comments section, as well as on MySpace, Facebook, etc.

It starts off with Stink Finger Radio at 8 ET, featuring the BEST in cigar box guitar music and other handmade specialties. You may think it sounds like a one trick pony that would grow old, but on the contrary. It gets your blood pumping with muddy water and gets you ready for Outlaw Radio Chicago at 9 ET where Jashie P highlights the best and newest music in the REAL country movement, as well as great guests.

This week Outlaw Radio will be talking with Jason, organizer of the Muddy Roots Festival, as well as Pearls Mahone, who performed there. I know a lot of people have work/family stuff they got to deal with, but if you have the time, stop by, hang out in the live chat room, it’s good times.

Muddy Roots Jason is also the guest on the latest White Trash Revival episode, so check that out as well.

And if you haven’t made it over there yet, It Burns When I Pee podcast has released their 3 Year Anniversary Show.

So many podcasts, so little time.

–Triggerman out.

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