The REAL Deal is HERE w/ Big G

The Real Deal KOOK 93.5 Big G Gordon AmesWith every minute that passes, terrestrial radio fails us more and more, like a great hush rolling across the fruited plain. Like a slap of duct tape across the mouth, or the zippering of our souls.

As truly local radio stations fall to the onslaught of Jack FM and other such pre-formulated nationalized Tang-flavored formats, the regional taste of music falls as well, leaving one corpulent but ever greedy monster of homogenization, searching through the rubble for every last morsel of originality to gobble up until it has a complete monopoly on our sense of taste.

But out there still, if you look hard enough, you can find living breathing human beings still in charge of radio, spinning local flavor, or God forbid, whatever music they want; laboring against the dying of the light. Like little coals winking at the bottom of a late Fall fire pit, they shine against the impending darkness. And with the right stoking, any one of these glimmering coals could ignite into a raging fire.

One of these such coals now exists in Junction, TX at 93.5 on the dial. That is where “The Real Deal” resides, with “Big G” Gordon Ames at the wheel.

Big G can truly boast that this is something you’ve never heard before: regional Texas-flavored tunes with some national, more recognizable stuff thrown in. It’s the music you love, and the music you will love once you hear it. Its like an education and a recess all wrapped into one. It’s radio the way it was meant to be.

The ember might exist in an outpost on the way to West Texas, but the fire rages on the world wide web. Like the X radio stations of old that had to sneak across the border so they could get closer to their listeners, real radio is infecting the internet to reach those who don’t settle for that which is served to them on a spoon. If you click here (or click on The Real Deal icon at the top of the page) you can listen from anywhere around the world. Clicking that link is like tipping your candle to your neighbor at a candlelight vigil for the death of real radio: the flame spreads. And spreads. AND SPREADS.

Burn baby burn, and let us know that there’s still light out there pushing back the darkness. There’s still REAL music out there, and it lives on The Real Deal.

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