The Reinstate Hank Word is Spreading ! (new articles)

Well it seems that word is spreading about the movement to Reinstate Hank Williams to the Grand Ole Opry faster than a pop country plaque on America’s airwaves. I’m happy to announce that Free Hank III lieutenants Cathy and Restless In Amsterdam have found themselves some notoriety, and in turn helped spread the word about Reinstate Hank through a new article in Outlaw Magazine. AND the article specifically talks about how us rabid innerneters and MySpacers are helping to spread the word!

Check it:

“Cathy Pippin . . . from Bowling Green, Kentucky has made it her mission to add as many names to the list as possible. “I’ve met so many wonderful friends doing this,” she says. “and we all have the same goal.”

One of his supporters in The Netherlands, Monica (otherwise known on MySpace as “Restless in Amsterdam”) has worked tirelessly to spread the word. “I got involved in the Reinstate Hank movement after I read a bulletin sent by Hank (Williams) III asking to ask people to sing the petitions and put the banner on their pages.”

You should go and read the rest of the article yourself, but it is a little hard to find so go to Outlaw Magazine, then you want to scroll about a full page down until you see a bunch of file tabs. Then you click on “Lifestyles” and poof, there it is.

I had a little trouble finding this last night and while I was searching around I found some other cool stuff:

1. There is an article about Reinstate Hank that was published on none other than the CMT blog that you should check out.

2. I also found an official blog for the Reinstate Hank Campaign that I previously did not know about. Why was this off my radar, and why is it not linked to either or the MySpace site? Either way, someone is doing a great job keeping us all informed on Reinstate Hank developments, and if you want to be part of the movement you should subscribe or bookmark this page. I also added a link to this blog on the Reinstate Hank page and the blogroll of

Excellent work Cathy and Restless, and everyone who is helping spread the word and gobble up signatures. Like I always say, some people have more time to contribute to the movement than others, but whether you’ve collected 1,000 signatures, or just signed yourself and put the Reinstate Hank banner on your MySpace page, as long as everyone contributes what they can the people will let their voice be heard, and sooner or later The Opry will have to conceded.

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