The Waylon Jennings Estate Is About to Get a Big Boost

photo: Billy Mitchell

For years now, some Waylon Jennings fans have been a little frustrated about how the legacy of this critical country music Outlaw just seems to be a little stalled compared to his contemporaries. Of course to true country music fans, the memory of Waylon Jennings will never be forgotten. But unlike some other country legends such as Johnny Cash or George Jones for example, we never got a Waylon Jennings museum, or a big biopic film, or other things that could help solidify or renew Waylon’s memory in culture.

Dying relatively young in 2002 at the age of 64, Waylon Jennings also never really got to enjoy a Golden Era of his career like we see older artists such as Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton enjoying today, with adulation and annual tributes making sure that the next generation of country fans never forget these iconic artists and their contributions.

All of that might be about to change though. Announced on Monday, October 26th, The Waylon Jennings estate has partnered with talent agency WME to manage Waylon’s posthumous career moving forward as part of the company’s Legacy Division. The company will manage Waylon’s name, image, likeness and intellectual property rights and assets, with the blessing and the help of his widow Jessi Colter, and his son Shooter Jennings.

“WME Legends is proud to be working with Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings and the Waylon Jennings estate,” said head of WME Legends Phil Sandhaus in a statement. “Waylon is considered the most important force in country’s Outlaw movement—not only creatively but also for the business standard he set for other artists to strive for in their musical freedom.”

WME’s Legends also manages the posthumous estates of Notorious B.I.G., Peter Tosh, Andy Kaufman, and others.

“The WME Legends team looks forward to working with the family to holistically manage Waylon’s name, image, likeness, life and IP rights and assets worldwide to grow his legacy with a new generation,” Phil Sandhaus continued.

Though no specific plans have been announced at the moment, it’s certainly a positive sign that perhaps we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about the Hoss in the coming years, since WME Legends will have plenty of rea$on$ to make sure Waylon’s legacy doesn’t go forgotten.

Stay tuned.

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