This Luke Bryan Releasing a Video Exclusively Through “Tinder” Business


If there’s any comfort to be gained from the startling amount of country legends who have so unfortunately left the mortal coil this year, it’s that they passed on without knowing a time in country music when the biggest star of the genre was marketing his music through a sex app.

Tinder has taken the art of romance and turned it into an algorithmic formality, and Luke Bryan has replaced artistic expression with formulaic artifice. So it’s only fitting Luke would conjoin forces with Tinder to release an “exclusive” lyric video through the dating app ahead of the official release of his new album on August 7th.

Look, I don’t even really know if I have a serious problem with this. This could veer into “kids get off my lawn” territory pretty quickly. I have just as much of a problem with these stupid “exclusive” content releases as I do Luke hooking up with America’s foremost hookup app. But this video release to Tinder has less to do with Luke Bryan’s music, and more to do with luring people to take the time to download the Tinder app. And if I did have a problem with the Tinder / Bryan video tryst, it would be who it invariably is tantalizing to sign up for the service. Take a survey of the first 10 rows of any Luke Bryan concert, and guess who the overwhelming demographic is going to be? You guessed it: 13 to 15-year-old girls. And apparently this younger demographic is the one Tinder is trying to recruit.

Though a lot of people think Tinder is an adult-only app, adolescents as young as 13-years-old can sign up, though users under 18 can only look at profiles of other users under 18. And Tinder is trying to do their level best to trend the age of the users of the app younger. Concerned with the app being perceived as something only for older users, the company implemented a geezer tax in March on users over 30-years-old. Tinder is actively trying to recruit younger users, hence the Luke Bryan video release.

Also interesting about Tinder’s demographic breakdown is that 1/3rd of the users are married. Luke Bryan said in a press release about the exclusive video that he was happily married and he didn’t have a Tinder account, but apparently being married would make him fit right in. That’s the deal with apps like Tinder and Ashley Madison: there’s a scuzziness there that makes you hope their use never goes mainstream. That’s why they’re using mainstream faces like Luke Bryan to help broaden their appeal.

It’s only fair to mention that officially, Tinder is not meant to be exclusively about setting up sex rendezvous. It’s just a dating app. But I’ll tell you this: If I was looking to blow off a little steam and hook up for the night, or was feeling a little lonely and wanted to go looking for love, the last thing I would want to see is the country music Gomer Pyle on there shilling his stupid video. I mean shit, you can’t get away from this guy.

If you’re a Tinder user like apparently 50 million people are and it gets the job done, then hey, good for you. And even if you’re a Luke Bryan fan and that’s what gets you off, hey, more power to you. But the fact that a country music artist is the one to take Tinder into the music realm is quite telling. All you have to do is see Luke Bryan’s live show to know that Luke is not selling music, he’s selling sex. And his Tinder hookup just illustrates this yet again.

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