Tom Hanks Helps Launch Classic Country Streaming Station

Country music has a lot of famous Hanks, but who knew that the legendary actor Tom Hanks was such a fan of them? Hanks may be his last name not first, but Tom’s appreciation for country music apparently veers well into the older stuff, and into the obscure cuts of famous artists, along with obscure cuts of obscure artists.

This is the curation point of the new classic country streaming station called “Country A-Go-Go” that was recently launched on streaming platform TuneIn. Partnering with Tom Hanks was radio veteran Debbie Daughtry to digitized over 3,500 vinyl records from their personal collections and various sources across the country to seed the streaming station. It was launched in conjunction with the observance of the 100th Birthday of Hank Williams.

“This is the music that I grew up with, and still influences the music that I love to this day,” said Debbie Daughtry. “The new generation of country music artists are amazing. The genre is having a huge comeback right now. Country A-Go-Go reconnects listeners with country music’s origins to hear the legends that gave country its soul. This station is for any country music fan that wants to hear great music from a very influential time in history.”

Looking over the “Recently Played” tab on the station, she’s not kidding. Along with greats like Hank Williams, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Ray Price, and Wanda Jackson, you’ll see stuff from Homer & Jethro and Fess Parker. This isn’t a station just to hear all your favorite and familiar hits. You’re likely to run into something you haven’t heard before, and may love.

The station is also enhanced with vintage advertisements as opposed to new stuff, hopefully creating an immersive experience of listening to a classic country radio station from back in the day.

Just exactly how involved Tom Hanks is in the station is up for interpretation, but he regularly appears as a gust DJ on TuneIn’s Boss Radio 66, which is basically the same station but focused on old rock and roll. Boss Radio 66 was started by Debbie Daughtry as well.

Country A-Go-Go is now available to stream on TuneIn.

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