“Tomorrow Me” by Luke Combs is Not Your Typical Summer Song

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. That means the chrome on the truck is polished, the beer is iced down, the balls have been manscaped, quaffed, slathered with conditioner and are ready for action, and everyone is heading to their local body of water, blasting bad country music, because that’s America. It’s the season for summer anthems. And rising to meet the moment, here is one of country music’s biggest male stars releasing a mid-tempo song underpinned with steel guitar about regretting post-breakup sex.

It really underscores that it’s a new era in country music. Earlier this week, Luke Combs let it be known that his newest album called Growin’ Up would be released on June 24th. It won’t be a double, or a triple with cheese like we’ve been used to from the big names in country recently. It’s just 12 songs. But it will be from Luke Combs, and so it will be quite a big deal, and perhaps a release to finally give Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous the boot at #1.

Ahead of the album, Luke Combs has released “Tomorrow Me,” and again, at a time when summer anthems that are supposed to be playing in the background when you make dumb decisions to like jousting on jet skis. Knock offs of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” and Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Backroad” are what we’re used to hitting the airwaves at about this time, and here Luke Combs is wanting us to think and feel and stuff.

We’ve all been there in a relationship. Maybe the girl was bat shit crazy and too into cats. Maybe the guy had no future and still living with his parents into his 30s. But it’s so easy and comfortable just to slide into the sack with them like a bad habit, even though you know the next morning you’re going to be kicking yourself, because you know there’s no future there.

“Tomorrow Me” is not a world beater. Luke Combs songs rarely are. But it’s just the latest sign that country music continues to trend more country, and more quality. Luke Combs has been a focal point for this trend since the start of his career. And as he’s helped to creep open the door more and more toward country-sounding material, Combs himself has veered more country himself, culminating in “Tomorrow Me.”

Luke’s last single “Doin’ This” wasn’t half bad either. It was about how even if he hadn’t become a superstar, he’d still be playing country songs in a bar. And in this case, you believe him. Meanwhile, the biggest song in all of country remains Cody Johnson’s “Til’ You Can’t” heading into the summer. Carly Pearce’s and Ashley McBryde’s “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” is rising in the charts as well, so is Ernest’s “Flower Shops.”

Sure, there will be some flies in the ointment (looking at you Walker Hayes), but overall the sound of country music in the summer of ’22 could very well be country as the mainstream of country music continues to give us less to complain about. And Luke Combs has played a large part in that, proving country-sounding songs can find success if they’re just given the chance.

1 1/2 Guns Up (7.5/10)

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