Tops So Far For 2010

2010 is turning out to be a bumper crop year for REAL country music, and no, I’m not just saying that to be a cheerleader for the “scene.” I’ll be the first to admit that last year was a terrible year for new releases, save for a few great ones from the Bloodshot Record’s gang (Wayne Hancock, Scott Biram, & Justin Townes Earle). And with all this great music, we still have a half year to go with new ones from Justin Townes Earle, possibly two new ones from Hank III, and many more on the way.

So here’s my Top 5 albums and songs so far, and note this is just from albums I’ve already reviewed, and doesn’t include the new one from Jayke Orvis (haven’t got my copy yet), or Those Poor Bastards (review coming). These are just my thoughts. Poke holes in them and leave your own prognostications below.


#1 – HELLBOUND GLORY – Old Highs & New Lows

It’s going to take a monster to knock this one off the perch.

#2 – OUTLAW RADIO – Outlaw Radio Compilation Vol. 1

Remember, it was a compilation Wanted:The Outlaws that took the Outlaw movement national, and that one was previously-released material. This is 22-previously unreleased tracks. If you want to hear some of the best songs of 2010, you have to get this album. (purchase here)


I thought the top songs on his last album were better, but this one is the better album. Press play and let the good times roll. And how can you go wrong with duets from Wayne Hancock?

#4 – .357 STRING BAND – Lightning From The North

Don’t overlook this album. Just because Jayke Orvis’s dreads aren’t involved doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain some of the best .357 songs so far.

#5 – RAY WYLIE HUBBARD – A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment

Another one that is easy to look over but hard to top. The best, most relevant, and freshest album to come from an Outlaw legend in years.


#1 – HELLBOUND GLORY – “Be My Crutch”

Yes, I know this gives Hellbound a #1 sweep, but it is much deserved.

#2 – HANK III – “Karmageddon”

Even the naysayers of Rebel Within have to admit Hank III hit a home run with this one.

#3 – THE BOOMSWAGGLERS – “Run You Down” (from the Outlaw Radio Comp.)

Simple and straightforward, yet deep and beautiful all at the same type. I reserve the right to change my mind and name this the Song of the Year in six months.

#4 – REVEREND DEADEYE – “Chased Ol’ Satan” (from Trials & Tribulations)

Again, simple, but with undeniable soul that makes this song stick to your bones.

#5 – HELLBOUND GLORY – “Another Bender Might Break Me”

Masterful songwriting in an accessible format. This is what REAL country music is all about.

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