Tour Info !!

Alright people, so I’ve been getting emails and reading lots of innernet chatter about an upcoming Hank III tour. It is clear that a tour is coming up, but I warn:

No tours or dates are official until they are posted on or the official myspace.

You might even see tickets for sale through venues or the evil empire of Ticketmaster. But I warn you, last Spring there were a bunch of people who bought tickets for a tour of the West that never happened, and they still haven’t got their money back.

And remember how III was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah, never happened.

III’s peeps have gone out of their way to say that NOTHING is official until it is listed on the website, so that is who I’d trust, not some gossip website or esp. not Ticketmaster.

Having said all of that it does appear something is in the works. is reporting that Hank III will be touring with Phil Anselmo’s Down , as well as metal bands Weedeater and Evil Army, in February and March.

No word on where they might tour, but my wild-eyed guess is that it will be in the south and east, and maybe the midwest. Then III will regroup and head out West.

III had also said in a previous interview that there would be about 25 dates, and that he would be playing 25 minutes of country, and 25 minutes of Assjack. So the metalheads will probably be happy and the countrified people will probably be pissed, yeah yeah. But this will be great exposure for III in an audience he can win over, and he’ll get out there doing his own thing soon enough.

As soon as any dates go OFFICIAL, then I will post them here. I expect something to hit here shortly.


Man, just in the past few weeks there has been some great announcements of big namers touring together. Wayne “The Train” Hancock is going to be touring with Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies Kentucky, NY, and Illinois this Spring, and then Wayne and Joe Buck are going to play a few shows together up in the Pacific Northwest in July. Joe Buck will also be touring Europa for the first time starting in February. And last but not least Rachel Brooke is talking about getting out there on the road as well, so keep your eyes on her for upcoming dates, if you hadn’t been keeping your eyes on her already.

Let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to take your eyes off!!! (hehe)

And of course, you can check all of these artist’s MySpace sites for all dates. A lot of good stuff is happening, and we all need to get out there and support these great underground artists!

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