Trace Adkins’ “Brown Chicken, Brown Cow” is DEFEATED!

Purity and decency in country music just won a big battle, as Trace Adkins’ follow up to “Honky Tonk Badanka Donk” called “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” has been summarily defeated, stalling at #39 in the Billboard country charts, despite a top-level media push and a major music video. Trace Adkins may be dumb, but he’s not stupid, and gave the epitaph himself as an apology to radio. From CMT:

Adkins took the stage at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville Friday night (March 4) just before the New Faces Show got underway. He was there to promote The Lincoln Lawyer, the upcoming Matthew McConaughey movie in which Adkins plays the leader of a biker gang. But he used his time primarily to apologize profusely to the radio crowd for releasing the tune about voyeuristic farm animals.

When I first bemoaned this song, it had yet to be released as a single. The impetus for the story was that Trace himself was pushing for it to be released as the first single off his new album, Cowboys Back in Town. Here’s the quote directly from his mouth:

“I kinda pushed for that to be the first single. I said, ‘Let’s just throw a hand grenade in the room right off the get-go.”

But now in his apology to radio he said:

“They told me it was a hit,” he joked. “I’m going to blame the three songwriters.”

What an asshole.

Meanwhile the video for the song, which I made a big stink about because Trace Adkins said it was targeting kids, has done slightly better than the single. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you think it’s fit for human consumption.

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