Trace Adkins On Capitol Nashville: ‘They’re Broke’

Trace AdkinsTrace Adkins has ended months of speculation of why he left one of Nashville’s most notorious major labels, that being Capitol Record’s Nashville subsidiary.

“They’re broke.” Adkins explained bluntly in an interview with Yahoo News. “Everybody knows that. I mean, it’s in the Wall Street Journal every other week. They don’t have any money. And that desperation, that feeling permeates the entire company. I don’t care (who you are), you cannot insulate yourself from that, and to me it was just a downer. It was not a good environment to try to operate in for me.

Trace left the label to sign with The Ford Truck Man Toby Keith’s Show Dog Universal label. Capitol is the home of country acts like Eric Church, Darius Rucker, and Keith Urban, and is owned by EMI out of the UK. Adkins says the company did not have enough money to extend his contract and record his new album.

“The label’s country division chief, Mike Dungan, “just straight-up told me, much to his credit, ‘I can’t do that. I’m telling you right now that if I go to those guys over there across the pond and tell them I have to cut you this check, they’re going to tell me no,'” Adkins recalls.”

Capitol made headlines nearly a year ago, when they sued a charity organization for using a Trace Adkins appearance on a compilation CD. At the time Adkins was on tour with Toby Keith.

As per normal, Capitol Records Nashville could not be reached for comment, but The Ford Truck Man Toby Keith, whose always willing to pony up his opinion, said the following videos would help clarify the situation:

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