Track List Details Revealed for New Cody Jinks Album “Lifers”

Cody Jinks will be releasing his latest, highly-anticipated record Lifers on July 27th through Rounder Records who just signed a deal with the Ft. Worth-based songwriter, and Jinks will be releasing a new single “Must Be The Whiskey” on June 15th. Now we have a track list for Lifers, which gives us a little more insight on what to expect from the 11-song record.

One song many Cody Jinks fans are happy to see make the cut is a tune called “Colorado” that Cody wrote with good friend and long-time touring partner Ward Davis. Ward has been playing the song now for a year or so, and often Cody would come out and join him on the track.

“I just keep telling Cody over and over that he needs to cut this song, and put it on his next record. Because me and Cody have a dream,” Ward Davis explains about the song. “We want to buy some land in Colorado. We want to put a studio on it, and he can take his family on vacation, and then when he’s not there, I can take my family on vacation, and it works out cause neither one of us has to buy a whole big place in Colorado. We were on his bus and I said, ‘Man. Cody man, we’ve got to move to Colorado.’ And he said, ‘Don’t think that I don’t think about Colorado.’ And I go, ‘Oh man, we should write a song called that.'”

Another song Cody Jinks fans have been hearing in concert recently is “Can’t Quit Enough,” which was debuted in New Orleans at The Joy Theater in January. Jinks also played the song at Mile 0 Fest in Key West, FL a week or so later, and has featured it occasionally live since then.

The song starts off, “I’ve played every honky tonk and roadside bar and juke joint between here and Minneapolis, you know I’ve lived these miles…” and is a honky tonk scorcher.

The first single from the album “Must Be The Whiskey” is an unreleased song written by underground country songwriter and performer Josh Morningstar from Hagerstown, Maryland. Morningstar has been recording and releasing albums for many years out of the purview of most, including 2017’s Whole Lotta Crazy. Getting the first single from a Cody Jinks album will certainly be a step up in name recognition for Morningstar.

Josh Morningstar has toured with artists such as Billy Don Burns, Colter Wall, and Shooter Jennings recently, and along with Ward Davis, will be performing at the Tumbleweed Festival in mid June.

Fans are being told to text JINKS to 31996 for updates on pre-order information, and other news pertaining to Lifers.

Lifers Track List:

1. Holy Water
2. Must Be The Whiskey
3. Somewhere Between I Love You And I’m Leavin’
4. Lifers
5. Big Last Name
6. Desert Wind
7. Colorado
8. Can’t Quit Enough
9. 7th Floor
10. Stranger
11. Head Case