Troops Called to Hank III Concert !!!

Hank IIII always knew that at some point a Hank III show would get so out of hand that they’d have to call in the big guns to restore order. But fortunately when military might showed up to his concert at the Meridian in Houston on 3/13/10, it was to honor Hank for honoring the troops, not bringing a halt to a hellbilly riot.

Hank’s Houston show was a benefit for the organization Homes For Our Troops. This is the second HFOT benefit Hank has done; the last one was at The Cannery Ballroom in Nashville. This time a full Marine color guard was called in and John Gonsalves, President and Founder of HFOT, read a letter from Texas US Senator John Cornyn thanking Hank III and Col. Jeff Ragland presented him with a military uniform. HFOT builds special homes for military personnel injured in combat. Injured veteran Lotseen Vincent was at the ceremony as well.

Luckily “Evil,” a member of III’s crew was rolling to capture this event:

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