Two New Albums Coming From Hank Williams III

hank3Hank Williams III has been on extended touring hiatus, one of the longest of his career, as his drummer Shawn “McNasty” Williams had surgery to repair a rotator cuff, reattach his bicep tendon, and remove bone spurs. But the grandson of Hank Williams has apparently been using the time well, writing and recording a big chunk of new material. He announced on his website this morning that he has two new albums on the way and 25 new songs written:

“I’m workin as hard as I can and as fast as I can to finish two records up. Right now I’m 25 songs deep in writin’ while playin’ guitar, singin’, doin’ my own drum tracks, then recording the other players. After that comes mixin’ it, master’n it, the artwork…Once all that is done it’ll be turned in. One is a country record…I’m not really sayin’ anything about the other record…As it looks right now, hopefully we can be on the road by May…

In January drummer Shawn McWilliams said the “The green light was real close” in regards to his physical therapy regiment and recovery. “This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through,” McWilliams said, “I can not wait to start playing.”

Hank3 released an unprecedented 4 albums on September 6th of 2011 after his production had been stymied by Curb Records for over 14 years. His initial plan was to focus on touring for years after, but the break in the action from his drummer’s injury means fans will be getting new material sooner than later. As always, Hank3 is recording in a DIY style, and will be releasing the records himself. As he told Saving Country Music in an interview:

Nowadays the independents have an opportunity they didn’t have 20 years ago. You don’t need a major label. All my new records are done on that same D1600 machine “Straight to Hell” was done on.

UPDATE 5/2/13: From Hank3’s website, “Artwork for the new releases is being finished up and after that, it will all be turned over for distribution. A release date will be posted when possible, as well as any tour dates, once a full schedule is confirmed.”

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