Tyler Childers Caught Digging on a Jesse Daniel Record

Well this is pretty damn cool.

In previous eras we used to get excited any time a massive country artist touted one of our favorite little lowly independent country performers, like the time Keith Urban wore a Surgill Simpson T-Shirt on American Idol, or when Miranda Lambert shouted out Tyler Childers when he was still up-and-coming and opening for the Turnpike Troubadours.

Now Tyler Childers is the one in a position to give big shout outs as one of the biggest acts in country music. So are the Turnpike Troubadours, and Sturgill Simpson. The beneficiary this time happens to be Jesse Daniel—the California native now living in Texas who’s been tearing it up in recent years and is on a trajectory to the big time himself.

It’s through country music that Jesse Daniel has gone from a self-described junkie living in Santa Cruz, California, to now one of the most squared away of independent country music’s rising acts. Ever since his debut self-titled album released in 2018, Jesse Daniel has been demanding the attention of folks.

Lo and behold, when in London, England recently, Tyler Childers stopped by a local record store and was digging on the debut Jesse Daniel record while someone snapped a photo. The photo started making the rounds thanks to Vinyl Cup Records in Des Moines, Iowa. No word if Childers sealed the deal by making the purchase, or how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson feels about Tyler taking his signature asymmetrical eyebrow move, but it’s a cool moment nonetheless.

Though Jesse Daniel’s subsequent albums Rollin’ On (2020) and Beyond These Walls (2021) are what you may favor if you’re looking for that more polished traditional country sound, long-time Jesse Daniel fans will tell you that the debut album is just as important because it captures Daniel in a transitional period where he still brought a bit of a punk attitude to the music in songs like “Hell Bent,” “Soft Spot (For The Hard Stuff),” and “SR-22 Blues,” which are staples of his live shows.

Jesse Daniel is currently on tour, and getting ready to release a live album My Kind of Country: Live at the Catalyst on March 24th.

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