Tyler Childers Plays Guitar Through His Pa-Paws Old TV

photo: VC on YouTube

Tyler Childers is currently on his much-anticipated “Send In The Hounds Tour” after taking three years off from major touring during the pandemic. For the new tour, Tyler has unveiled a rather elaborate stage setup that looks to evoke the outdoors and days gone by. This includes a wooded backdrop, taxidermied big horn sheep and possum, as well as an old living room setting where Tyler sits and stands each night complete with an old antique chair, coat rack, and a vintage console TV.

Of course, most of this stuff is just for show. But apparently, the console TV is just as much function as it is form. Folks have been noticing that during Tyler’s concerts, old shows will play on the console TV. But that’s not all. The TV actually dubs as a custom made amplifier for when Childers plays electric guitar. And this particular console TV comes with some sentimental value.

“It was his pa-paws old TV that he held on to for years and always wanted to do something with it,” says Matt of the Austin, TX-based Square Amps. “Tyler found me a few years back on Instagram and we made it happen. Its a TV/tube guitar amp combo with a DVD player as well. When Tyler plays his Tele, he is plugged into the TV as the amp.”

Square Amps specializes in finding vintage wooden tube radios form the 1930’s and 1940’s, and turning them into guitar amplifiers. Every amplifier is a custom piece, so each one tells a story. Tyler’s is no different, except it happens to be built out of a TV instead.

“At 13 I learned to play guitar and found myself with a Strat and a small practice amp making all kinds of interesting noise,” Matt of Square Amps says. “Once I learned how to play I needed a better amp so I went to my local music shop where I found a beat up Peavey Delta Blues for a good deal. I plugged in, turned it to 10 slammed an E chord shook the building and rattled the windows…I was hooked on the tube guitar amp sound and became infatuated with what was going on inside those glowing magic glass envelopes.”

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