Tyler Childers & Sturgill Simpson to Tour Together in 2020

***UPDATE: Sturgill Simpson / Tyler Childers Tour Being Revealed Via Local Posters: UPDATE***

Sturgill Simpson made his fourth appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast Monday night (9-30), and revealed that he and Tyler Childers will be touring together in 2020. “We’re going to do a full U.S. tour starting mid to late February, with myself and a young man named Tyler Childers opening,” Sturgill told Joe Rogan at the beginning of the second hour of the podcast (see below), with Rogan responding “I love [Tyler Childers]. Big fan of that dude … I was listening to his ‘Purgatory’ album on the way over here.” Rogan has also been touting Tyler Childers via Instagram lately.

The tour is said to be about 40 dates, and will be behind the new album Sound & Fury Sturgill Simpson just released. Ahead of the tour, Sturgill Simpson is playing six teaser club dates on the east and west coast to raise awareness of the new record, as well as to raise funds for the Special Forces Foundation, with proceeds from the six dates going to the nonprofit. Along with The Troubadour in L.A. where Sturgill played September 29th, he’s playing San Rafael and San Francisco in California this Tuesday and Wednesday, then Brooklyn on October 6th, The Black Cat in Washington D.C. on October 7th, and the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey on October 8th. All shows are sold out.

Sturgill Simpson also brought his band onto the Joe Rogan podcast, as well as Green Beret Medic Justin Laseck, who is a wounded veteran that lost both legs below the knees and his testicles in combat, and is traveling with Sturgill Simpson to speak at the concerts. “Around an album release, if I’m going to have a bunch of attention on me, I thought it would be a good opportunity to put attention on what other people can do to help these guys and their families,” Sturgill said. He met Justin Laseck when he visited the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland. “The place is full of guys like him. And then when I went back, it was all new faces,” Sturgill said. “There’s got to be something you can do to help in whatever way.”

Justin Laseck gives a detailed account of his story at about the 31-minute mark of the podcast. Other members on his squad were killed in the same incident and he speaks about the importance of what Sturgill is trying to do for the families of the fallen.

Also of interest from the podcast, just in case you were worried Sturgill’s next move would be to make a hip-hop record, he tells Joe Rogan, “Oh God no. There’s just so many other people that should do it other than me. I would love to, but no. I would love to produce a hip-hop record, and get the rappers to do the actual art. [But] rapping? Sturg-Ill?”

Simpson also tells the story of how he was the victim of a home invasion in Nashville twice in as many days, and caught the would-be burglar in his house and sighted him down with an assault rifle (at the 52-minute mark). Sturgill also explains that the reason Sound & Fury took so long to release was to wait for the animated film to be finished after he first approached one of the filmmakers just to make a couple of videos for the project. Sturgill also said of producing Tyler Childers, “I just stood around in the control room and pretended to do stuff.”

Expect the dates for the Sturgill Simpson / Tyler Childers tour to be released soon. The whole Joe Rogan podcast can be seen below.