Tyler Childers Wears Shirt of Post Malone Wearing Tyler Childers Shirt

photo: Greg Homolka

Wait, is that title right? Let me consult a diagram here … Yep, that’s right.

It’s been well-chronicled what a big fan megastar Post Malone is of independent country artists. He’s been spotted in various places wearing T-shirt’s repping Colter Wall, Billy Strings, and yes, Tyler Childers. Post Malone also blew everyone’s mind back in March when he appeared on Matthew McConaughey’s Texas freeze benefit, and ripped into Sturgill Simpson’s “You Can Have The Crown” backed by members of Dwight Yoakam’s band.

Post Malone first appeared in an Instagram photo rockin’ a Tyler Childers T-shirt on November 1st, 2020 while hanging out with a young basketball player from California named Noah Veluzat. The two were on some sort of movie or video shoot together. As some pointed out at the time, sure it was cool Post Malone was touting Tyler, but it was bootleg T that Malone was sporting. And to be frank, not a particularly good one.

Well last week, the whole situation went meta. Tyler Childers—whose been radio silent on social media since the release of his surprise album Long Violent History—showed up in the Instagram feed of Jimbo Valantine who designs many of Tyler’s T-shirts, tour posters, and album art through his company Amalgam Unlimited. In the picture posted on Tyler’s birthday (6-21), Childers is wearing a bootleg Post Malone T-shirt of and image of Post Malone wearing a bootleg Tyler Childers T-shirt.

Now the ball is in Post Malone’s court to wear a bootleg T-shirt of Tyler Childers wearing a Post Malone T-shirt of Post Malone wearing a bootleg Tyler Childers T-shirt, and soon we’ll be starring into infinity like when you stand between two mirrors on opposing walls.

What is Tyler Childers up to and doing otherwise in the photo? Not exactly sure. But mules and a derby hat are involved, so he’s staying Kentucky on our asses with his time off. Saving Country Music reached out to Jimbo Valentine for more info, but didn’t hear back. What they have made clear is the Post Malone T-shirt Tyler Childers is wearing was a one off, so save your business inquiries.

Recently Tyler Childers announced two new shows at Red Rocks in Colorado on September 29th and 30th that sold out pretty quickly. Childers is also scheduled to appear at the Under The Big Sky fest in Montana July 17th and 18th, the Hinterland Musical Festival on August 7th in Iowa, and at The Avett Brothers destination festival in Mexico January 27th-31st of 2022.

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