Unknown Hinson + Billy Bob Thorton + Willie Nelson

The word is that none other than Unknown Hinson will be joining none other than Billy Bob Thorton’s new band The Boxmasters as the opening act for none other than the venerable Willie Nelson.

If that combination ain’t enough to make you horny for music, then check your pulse.

The tour is supposed to happen between November 21 and December 9th, and will include dates in the mid and upper Midwest.

When The Boxmasters first got going, I remember getting a few emails from people worried that this was yet another LA starlet trying to turn country music into their next cash cow. But this is not that kind of band. They are playing old-school style country that pop country stations will stay farther away from than George Jones in a drunken rage. I’m not a big Boxmasters fan, and I definitely question some of their choices for their cover songs, but I admit they got a little something. And you add Unknown Hinson in the mix, well then hell, it can only get better.

If you don’t know who Unknown Hinson is, then I don’t even know where to start. Carve you out a half hour with YouTube and Mr. Google and find out, but this dude is funny as hell, but an much underrated guitar player and songwriter.

This cracks me up every time I watch it:

Only Unknown Hinson would insist on being interviewed in a horse drawn carriage.

Also, if you want to hear some great interviews with Billy Bob Thorton and Unknown Hinson, you can check out Free Hank III/savingcountrymusic.com supporter Big G’s Texas Roadshow Podcast

The Boxmasters and I THINK Unknown Hinson will be playing on Regis and Kelly on Oct. 17th, so hopefully we’ll see how these two worlds mash together for ourselves.

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