Unknown Hinson on Jimmy Kimmel (+ other stuff)

Unknown Hinson The King of Country and Western Troubadours, part time voice actor for Cartoon Network’s Squidbillies, and full-time bad ass guitar player Unknown Hinson is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night! (Tue 4-21-09)

Unknown Hinson (or at least his other persona, Danny Baker) was in the news recently, swept up in the whole brew-ha that involved Billy Bob Thorton getting crosswise with a Canadian interviewer, and eventually canceling the rest of his Canadian tour with Willie Nelson. Danny Baker has been playing bass for Billy Bob’s Band “The Boxmasters.” Check him out at 9:10 in the following video, he looks pretty miffed to me:

It’s a little unclear exactly what role Danny Baker has in The Boxmasters. He is not listed as a member of the band on the their MySpace site, though he does appear in some of the pictures. My guess is that Baker’s role is more of a fill in thing, esp. for live shows. Billy Bob Thorton and Danny Baker are known to be good friends.

Also happening on Tueday:

    Official release date of Wayne “The Train” Hancock’s Viper of Melody, which means if you want to score a signed copy by pre-ordering off of his website, this is the last day to do that.

    Hank III’s first III albums will be officially released on vinyl. To learn more and order CLICK HERE.

    Justin Townes Earle will be on Outlaw Radio at 9 PM central, and if you miss it, you can always find the episode the next day for listening or downloading on savingcountrymusic.com HERE.

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