Vince Gill Owns Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

vince-gill-westboro-baptist-churchKudos to Vince Gill, who yesterday (9-8-13) emerged from the Muriel Kauffman Theatre in Kansas City to accost a slew of Westboro Baptist Church protesters outside, apparently protesting his appearance because he is married to Christian music artist Amy Grant. Both Vince and Amy Grant are divorced after previous marriages.

“Vince Gill, what in the world are you doing out here? More importantly, what are you doing with another man’s wife?” says one female protester as Vince walks amongst them, with an anti-Westboro bystander taping the incident with a smartphone. “I came out to see what hatred really looked like in the face,” Vince responds.

“Don’t you know that divorce plus remarriage equals adultery?” the female protester continues.

“Don’t you know that (you) are lucky that you don’t have the sign that says something about my wife?” Vince snaps back, and then says, “(Jesus) said a lot of stuff about forgiveness, about grace. You guys don’t have any of it.” Then Vice moves on, telling another protester that he’s seen him on TV before, and then calls him a “dipshit.” Before the video cuts off, Vince asks, “Are any of you Phelps’s, or are you guys like the ‘C’ team?

Gill is currently promoting his new album with steel guitar player Paul Franklin called Bakersfield. The duo switches off covering songs from Merle Haggard and Buck Owens from the heyday of the Bakersfield Sound.

Vince Gill was previously married to singer Janis Oliver from the country duo Sweethearts of the Rodeo. They married in 1980 and had one daughter, eventually divorcing in 1998.  Amy Grant was previously married to Christian singer Gary Chapman. The couple married in 1982 and had 3 children, divorcing in 1999. Vince Gill and Amy Grant married in 2000, and have a daughter.

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