Waylon Grandson Whey Jennings Readies Debut Album

photo: Jonathan Galletti

It’s not that Whey Jennings is the new kid on the block. Those who follow the Waylon Jennings clan or Outlaw country have likely seen his name around since he first emerged singing songs in 2012, if they don’t already count themselves as a fan. But in the last few years, the grandson of Waylon Jennings and the son of Waylon’s oldest son Terry has begun to take music much more seriously, and is finally readying the release of what he considers his debut album.

If we’re being honest, early Whey Jennings had a lot of work to do to live up to the name. With big shoes to fill and a family legacy that is easy to be overshadowed by, he struggled a little bit to find his feet, and an original voice and sound. All the more reason to take his time, pay his dues, find out who he was as a person and an artist before trying to take it big time.

But now he’s done that, with tons of time logged on the stage, many miles burned down the road, and multiple EPs released. And with Shooter Jennings now mostly retired from touring and recording to focus more on production, the Waylon Jennings legacy needs a modern ambassador out there helping to keep the memory alive.

“I believe what we’re doing is powerful and I believe it’s going to change lives,” Jennings says introducing his upcoming album Jekyll & Hyde due out on August 23rd. “I want to be an entertainer, but I also want to be somebody who makes you think about not only who you are, but who everyone around you is, and how to make this world a better place. I want people to feel my music.”

Just as Whey has grown as an artist, he’s also grown as a person, going from cover songs of rowdy ways, to original songs of fighting off addiction and finding sobriety through faith. Original songs are now the centerpiece of his music, with eight of the twelve songs on the upcoming album co-written by Whey, along with multiple contributions from songwriter Wes Shipp.

The other centerpiece of Whey’s music is his whiskey soaked voice washed in the blood of real life experience. To sing it you have to live it, and Whey lived out these songs, including the title track that speaks to his transformation in both life and music moving forward.

“This album’s got something for everyone on it, but I’m calling it ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ because that song encases the whole project,” Jennings says. “There’s me back then, and there’s the new me now. The depth with some of these songs really touches my soul.”

Jekyll & Hyde will be released through Dirt Rock Empire, who makes highly produced videos for Whey and the rest of their roster. Jennings released a six song EP in 2023 called Just Before The Dawn that featured his new focus on songwriting. Jekyll & Hyde promises to feature even more as Jennings arrives on the national stage.

Jekyll & Hyde is now available for pre-order.

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Track List:

1. “Jekyll & Hyde” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp)
2. “One of These Days” (Whey Jennings, Sam Lowe)
3. “Girl On A Fast Horse” featuring Charity Bowden (Whey Jennings, David Wade, Shane Grove, Taylor Hughes)
4. “Hotter in Texas” (Whey Jennings, David Wade, Shane Grove, Chris Foust)
5. “One Folded” (Michael Anthony Curtis, Gordon MaGee, Marlon L Raybon)
6. “Caught Up” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp)
7. “Sleeves” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp)
8. “Home” (David Wade, CJ Garton, Shane Grove)
9. “10 Day Run” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp, Sam Lowe)
10. “I Would Die” (Whey Jennings, Michael Curtis)
11. “Billboard Jesus” (Whey Jennings, Wes Shipp) 
12. “Hallelujah” (Leonard Cohen)

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