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Wayne HancockWith his new album release, Viper of Melody, Wayne “The Train” Hancock has been all over the place like a bad rash. This is a good thing, because Viper of Melody might be Wayne’s best work to date, and with 15+ years of recording and touring, he’s due for some more exposure.

There’s a great new interview with Wayne on 77 Square.com:

“It ain’t old-timey music. It’s not retro. It’s just my trip. I try to take quality and bring it into the future.”

That quote absolutely blew my mind. What a wise way to in a few words encapsulate the current underground/Outlaw country movement.

There is also a great interview from none other than CMT.com:

“On his latest album, Viper of Melody, released Tuesday (April 21), the Texas-born singer-songwriter continues to make his uncompromising style of music and take it to people who may not have the luxury of being able to attend major concerts. Recorded live in the studio, the album is filled with sounds and feelings that are timeless, as well as edgy. Whether the song is about shaking off the blues, jealousy and violence or being flat broke, Hancock refuses to sugarcoat anything. “

Thanks to Tyler for helping to sniff this one out.

Unfortunately Wayne has had a few bumps in the road on his current tour and lost a few of his players, but that bad news turned into good news when it was announced that Wayne’s old guitar player, and one of my favorite lickers Eddie Biebel will be joining him to finish the tour out.

Below is a video of Wayne and Eddie doing their thing together, and another from earlier in his current tour.

I will have a full review of my own for Viper of Melody hopefully coming up later in the week.

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