What’s The Scoop Behind Dale Watson’s New Album “Under The Influence”?


Dale Watson is not only one of the most dedicated torchbearers and gatekeepers of authentic country music—or as he would prefer to call it, Ameripolitan—he also happens to be one of the most prolific. It’s not unusual for him to release two or three records a year, some of which are full-featured albums with a big media push paralleled with a big tour like what just happened with Live at The Big T Roadhouse – Chicken S#!+ Bingo released back in August before Dale took his legendary Chicken Shit bit on the road.

And then Dale will release an album on you with absolutely no warning, no press, no info, and if you blink you would miss it. That was the story with his Elvis-inspired album released a few years ago called Dalevis, and that’s the case with a new album he just released on Friday, September 30th called Under The Influence. Unless you follow Dale on Instagram and were paying attention on Friday, you probably didn’t even know about it.

dale-watson-under-the-influenceSo what is the scoop with the album? It’s the long-rumored project where Dale covers some of his favorite artists and most influential tunes from classic country to throwback rock and roll. Or as Dale himself says, it’s “an album dedicated to all of my influences, from Elvis Presley and Ray Price, whose songs are not included here but have had as much or more of an influence, on my music, to Merle and Lefty and Johnny whom have had an obvious influence. I feel blessed to have grown up exposed to their music and around to have heard most of them live. I feel very sad for the artist to come that have and likely will never hear of these legends and their songs.”

On the album Dale covers songs such as Buck Owens’ “Made in Japan” to Little Richard’s “Lucille.” Under The Influence was recorded in Austin with Dale’s backing band, The Lone Stars, and was released by Red River Entertainment.

Under The Influence hits the market right as Dale’s Ameripolitan Awards have opened up nominations for their 2017 shindig. The categories can be found at ameripolitan.com, and folks can submit their nominees via info@ameripolitan.com. The awards will once again be held at the Paramount Theatre in Austin on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017.

“Country music of their time is gone, but luckily it lives in Ameripolitan Music, and that my friends is where you will find artists that still carry the torch that these influences lit,” says Dale Watson.

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