Whitey Morgan Announces New Album “Hard Times and White Lines”

Mark down October 26th on your calendar, then underline it, circle it, hang pulsating string lights around it, train a spotlight on that son-of-a-bitch, tell your boss it’s a national country music holiday and you’ll quit without a second thought if you don’t get it off, ’cause that’s the day Whitey Morgan will be releasing his latest and long-anticipated album Hard Times and White Lines.

Right now we don’t have much more than a title and release date for the new record, but that’s all you need to start salivating over this puppy since we know Whitey Morgan and his band The 78’s are involved. One of the preeminent, hard-driving honky tonk bands terrorizing towns from coast to coast over the past 13 years, his recorded output has always been spaced apart on an excruciating time table, but always worth the wait.

The Flint, Michigan native who now calls interior California his home helped pave the way for many of the independent country artists we see today, while still releasing his own superior output. At one point Cody Jinks was opening for him before Cody blew up. Now to many, Cody and Whitey are 1 and 1A of modern American country music. Like his last record Sonic Ranch, the new album was recorded in the famed “sonic ranch” studio haven just outside of El Paso.

After releasing his first album Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels independently in 2008, Whitey signed with Bloodshot Records to release his second, self-titled record in 2010. Fans had to wait another five years for the follow up, Sonic Ranch. Whitey Morgan is not known as a prolific writer, but he’s respected as a damn good one, while his selection of cover songs often become the definitive versions. New single August 8th and more details on the new record are expected in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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