Whitney Rose to Release New Album “Rule 62”


“Rule #62” which states, “Don’t Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously,” is something the Canadian-born and Austin-dwelling honky tonk throwback singer Whitney Rose steadfastly adheres to, and it’s also the theme behind her upcoming new album of the same name due out on October 6th via Six Shooter Records and Thirty Tigers.

On the heels of her love letter EP to Austin called South Texas Suite, Whitney Rose employed the services of The Mavericks’ Raul Malo, and co-producer Niko Bolas to record Rule 62 at the BlackBird Studio A in Nashville in under a week. Along with Malo playing on the record, Whitney Rose enlisted “Cousin” Kenny Vaughan on guitar, Chris Scruggs, Aaron Till of Asleep at the Wheel, and Paul Deakin of The Mavericks to comprise the studio band.

“Niko [Bolas] brought a lot to the table in the studio, when he wasn’t sitting at his table at Waffle House,” Rose says. “It allowed Raul to step down from the producer role from time to time and be a part of the band. That man can play and sing. One of my favorite parts of the album is the guitar solo on ‘You Never Cross My Mind’ — that’s all Raul.”

Rule 62 finds a lot of retro and mod influences to intermix with Whitney Rose’s country roots, including on the album’s first single “Can’t Stop Shakin'” (listen below). Rose says about the track, Can’t Stop Shakin’ started out as something I would sing to calm myself down. We recorded that song on Inauguration day and you could physically feel the divide between the public and the unrest in the air. I was in the studio that week every day for twelve hours on average, so realized my contribution was going to have to take place within the walls of Blackbird. So the song that started as a personal anthem got a rewrite that day.”  

The album also includes a trucker tune called “Trucker’s Funeral.” Rose explains, “I had a meeting at Bank of America here in Austin last year and when the meeting was over the teller told me about going to his grandfather’s funeral here in Texas. He found out he had a full second family on the West Coast. His grandfather was a trucker and always on the road, so neither family had any idea. As he was telling me this story, I was jotting down lyrics on my banking papers because it was just too intriguing an experience not be made into a song.”

Whitney Rose’s Rule 62 is now available for pre-order.

whitney-rose-rule-62TRACK LIST:

1. I Don’t Want Half (I Just Want Out) (3:06)
2. Arizona (3:58)
3. Better to My Baby (3:13)
4. You Never Cross My Mind (4:02)
5. You Don’t Scare Me (4:14)
6. Can’t Stop Shakin’ (4:22)
7. Tied to the Wheel (4:41)
8. Trucker’s Funeral (5:04)
9. Wake Me in Wyoming (3:29)
10. You’re a Mess (3:48)
11. Time to Cry (3:56)

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