Who the Hell is Paul Sutherland Anyway (a roasting)

I’d seen the Paul Sutherland video months and months back, but there seems to have been a resurgence of it lately, so I thought I’d turn it aside for the trash it is. If you haven’t seen it, this is what I’m talking about:

Listen Paul Sutherland:

Just ’cause you got a buzz cut and play with your privates doesn’t mean you’re a soldier. You’re about as tough as a tender kiss, and your bland-ass late 90’s Creed-style mall rock drawl singing style is an absolute ass whip.

And who is that, your Tonto over there playing the harmonica? Boy Tonto can sure blow. . .

. . . a harmonica.

Now I have to admit something to you all, I know Paul Sutherland personally. He is a former friend of mine. It’s true. That’s how I know that when the camera stopped rolling, Tonto the harmonica player made love to Paul Sutherland right there on that couch as the poster of Johnny Cash behind them visibly wept like a miracle statue of the virgin Mary.

But in all seriousness . . .

Look, if you’re going to criticize Shelton, there are plenty of things that are fair game. For example the dude’s a foul mouth. And though he may not be into drinking and drugging as much as he used to or as much as his songs imply, he does have drug references in his songs and maybe you don’t like that in country music, or maybe you don’t like country music at all.

That’s fine. Nobody’s talking shit about people just because they don’t like Hank III. Just understand that all of those criticisms are the reason us fans like him. Not because he is foul mouth or talks about drugs, but because he is honest and sings about the true life we all live and are surrounded by.

As for his daddy getting him musicians, click here

Hank III has more respect for the Opry and the Opry has for itself. He changed the lyrics to his song when he played there out of respect for their traditions, even though the Opry is in essence saying ‘FUCK YOU’ to the traditions of his grandfather. Also if you click here you can find the real story behind his Opry appearance.

Hank III is not a “self-claimed” Outlaw, he’s a SELF MADE outlaw, PURPOSELY NOT riding on his daddy’s name, though not running from it either as a matter of respect, pride, and reverence.

Hank III is an Outlaw. What defined the Outlaws Willie & Waylon were their respect for the traditions of country music, while innovating new sounds. And what, you think Willie & Waylon never played the Opry, or would you claim they are not Outlaws because they did? Check it:

Willie Nelson at the Grand Ole Opry

Waylon at the Grand Ole Opry:

So for all of you that have YouTube accounts, go HERE and tell Paul Sutherland what you think of his little song.

Also reinstatehank.org just posted a new blog about this weekend’s rally, including info about a new article, so check it out.

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