Why We All Owe the Smoke Machine Guy at the Luke Bryan Show a Beer


Luke Bryan isn’t just the current king of the country music charts, he’s been the reigning MVP for epic stage fails over the last few years as well. Country music’s Gomer Pyle has taken not one, not two, but three major stage dives over the last couple of years during his arena concerts, but his latest stage fail might be the biggest “gas” yet.

As Luke Bryan was performing at Nashville’s LP Field Friday night (June 12th) as part of this week’s massive CMA Fest, he got a face full of a smoke machine attempting to add an exclamation point to his terrible song “That’s My Kind of Night.” You know the one—the song Zac Brown once called the “worst song ever.”

Bryan was just finishing his patented “move” where he emulates a Chippendales dancer with a round of pelvic thrusts and gyrations, when a smoke machine blasted off right in the Georgia native’s face. Unlike some of his previous stage meltdowns, Luke was able to stay vertical, but he took a while to recover from the smoke shot.

What remains unclear is if the smoke machine was on some automated program that would have made it go off regardless of where Luke Bryan was standing, or if some renegade stage operator decided to get back at Mr. Bryan for all of the evil he’s perpetrated on the country music public for the last few years. If it’s the latter, then we all probably owe that brave soul a beer.

And by the way, the gas from most smoke machines is inert, usually made from CO² or nitrogen, and is virtually harmless even when it’s being shot in your face. So no harm, no foul.

Wait for it, wait for it…..

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