Wicked Crossover Photographs Hank III in Tempe

Heavy BassFor those of you that have seen Hank III live, you know there are no words or pictures to describe the scene. The energy from the crowd and stage is so intense, to a degree that can’t even be emulated by studio recordings or even bootleg shows. Hank III’s live shows are an integral, essential part of his music legacy, if not the cornerstone of it.

There are some photographers that have the knack for not just capturing images, but capturing moments in time: putting you in that place when the picture was taken. The mood, the energy, even the smell and grit of the moment.

I’m glad to say that Justin Alexander at Wickedcrossover.com has that knack, and that he also happens to be a Hank III fan. It’s no replacement for being there, but this is the closest I’ve seen yet. Check out these photos from the III show in Tempe, AZ on 2/23/09:

Man, one word I would’ve never thought of using to describe Gary Lindsey was “photogenic,” but some of my favorite pics from this concert are of him.

There are a ton more pictures and you can check them all out by CLICKING HERE.

The It Burns When I Pee Podcast has released episode 24 “Cupid Killers” that you can listen to HERE. I’ll be heading over there to get my listen on as soon as I’m finished writing this here blog.

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