Willie Nelson to Co-Star In First Ever “Live Movie” with Woody Harrelson


Willie Nelson will be one of the principle actors in what is being dubbed as the first “live movie” ever, orchestrated by Willie Nelson friend and fellow celebrity stoner Woody Harrelson. The idea is to shoot a feature-length film from multiple locations, and beam it directly into theaters through the miracle of technology. Owen Wilson is also on board as one of the marquee cast members. The film was written, and will be directed by Harrelson, and involves some 30 actors and 14 separate locations.

Called Lost in London, it will be a biographical film about an incident in 2002 when Harrelson was chased down by local police and eventually arrested after getting into an accidental altercation with an ashtray in a London taxi. Harrelson eventually spent the night in jail. Even more daring, the entire 100-minute film will be shot with only one camera in a continuous take. It will be shot in the middle of the night London time, and be beamed to some 550 theaters via Fathom Events at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET in the United States.

“No one has ever shot a movie and live broadcast it into cinemas at the same time,” Harrelson says from London’s Waterloo Bridge in the teaser for the film. “No one’s ever been that stupid until now. Join me for “lost in London,’ a movie about one of the worst nights of my life that I thought would make good comedy. And if I fail, I’m going to jump off Waterloo Bridge into the Thames below, and that should pretty much finish off my career.”

But the movie isn’t just about laughs, Harrelson explained to EW. “I’d say its a deep, soul-searching comedy. It’s about a guy who has it all and runs the risk of losing it all. And then hopefully ends up with this shot at redemption.”